An issue that gets no props

A press release from the Elk Grove Police Department came across my desktop today:

ELK GROVE, CA – Earlier today, Elk Grove Police Officer Ali Khalil was arrested by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and served with a complaint alleging several felonies associated with mortgage-related financial transactions. None of the allegations were related to Officer Khalil’s official duties as an Elk Grove police officer. Officer Khalil, age 29, has been a member of the Elk Grove Police Department since 2006. Officer Khalil has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation, which is standard practice when an officer has been charged with a crime.

We obviously have no details at this point about the nature of the charges or the crime, but the role of mortgage predators brokers in the housing industry has played a huge factor in our economic meltdown. Some brokers were above board but many others were not. These unscrupulous individuals played a significant role in suckering banks and borrowers into bad mortgages. Many of these old brokers are now setting up shop as refinancing experts and mortgage assistance houses (word of advice: do your own research and deal with your lendor directly). They basically splashed everyone with mud and are now offering to take people to the cleaners.

Eyebrowraisingly, it seems police officers are not immune from felonies arising out of the housing industry (though this not to say that he is charged with crimes that he did while on duty – we don’t know). Also, this officer was charged by the FBI but the EG PD still has to do their own internal investigation, during which time the accused is still on paid leave (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I, for one, would like to see a more aggressive effort by the state government to ban unscrupulous mortgage broker marriage. We need fewer of those people and the more we can do to stop them from procreating, the happier we’ll all be.

UPDATE 6/2: Further details available at the Bee. Thanks to the SacRag faithful for keeping me on my toes. Vigilance!

4 thoughts on “An issue that gets no props”

  1. Er- do you get the Bee? They broke this story last week. We do have details at this point. He got his whole scummy family involved in it.


  2. I’m with Turty. That press release came across my desk on…Thursday? Friday? Can’t remember now, all the days blend together, but I recall doing a writeup on it…


  3. Great insights, Turty & Radio … I am surprised you didn’t comment, “First!”

    My favorite quote from the Sac Bee online article:

    “What appears to be a simple mistake when the real estate market is hot is a mistake,” Portanova said. “When the real estate market crashes, a mistake can look like a crime.”

    [He refinanced each of the properties twice within months of the original closings. The affidavit states that he inflated his income in the four transactions, sometimes saying that he earned more than twice his actual salary.]


  4. It’s an imaginative defense, I’ll give it that. You’re only charging my client with a crime because his crime helped cause the situation that leads you to think what my client did was a crime!


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