Signs of intelligent life

right awn!We love us some smart kids and Fair Oaks certainly has one in Diana Li, who scored a perfect 2400 on her SAT. Right awn Diana!

What percent of 1.5 million is 300? Find out here!

7 thoughts on “Signs of intelligent life”

  1. Awesome job, Diana!

    Did they change the scoring structure on the SAT? It’s been a good 22-23 years since I took it, but I’m pretty sure I scored about 1,000 fewer points on it!


  2. Yes, they changed it: back in the 1980s when we took the SAT by inscribing our answers on wet clay tablets with bits of dinosaur bone, the top possible composite score was a 1600.


  3. So, RunnerGirl, that means you scored a 1400 out of 1600 on the 80’s version? Well done.

    Diana aced the PSAT, too, I think I heard her say in the video.


  4. I don’t remember the score; the ’80s were a long time ago, but my Rainman brain does work well on standardized tests.


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