Lance crushes competition in small town bike race

He came, he smelled, he conquered. I don’t know a lot about bike racing, but isn’t it possible for a world class cyclist to dial it down a few notches and still win a race? The headline conjures up an image of a bunch of mountain folk on rusty bikes slapped together with mismatched parts struggling up a hill and then Lance hurtling past at 50 mph in full gear. But it sounds like he greatly enjoyed the race and the city, and all went off without a hitch. I’m still not sure how they crammed that many people in such a small race area.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Lance crushes competition in small town bike race”

  1. If he’s using the ride as a warm up/training ride then what would be the point of taking it easy and only winning by a slim margin?


  2. That makes sense, I’m not worked up about it, the whole thing just sounds funny. Gee, really Lance Armstrong won the race?


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