What happens in NVC…

OK, one more post about AMGEN and Nevada City, this video gem from News 10 about how off the hook Nevada City was getting in advance of the tour. As evidenced by there being 4 drunk people willing to talk on camera.

Nevada City to host AMGEN prologue – UPDATED

cc by Trefethen

As I predicted, Nevada City will be involved in the 2010 AMGEN tour. In fact, the prologue to the 2010 race might start in the wonderful foothill town, News10 reports. The prologue would end here in Sacramento which means lots of two-wheeled action for our fair city as well.

In addition the race has been moved to May. The announcement about the race layout will be made official tomorrow, and it looks like it is still uncertain whether Lance will compete since the Tour of Italy also takes place in May.

UPDATE (Thursday 10/22): It’s official, Nevada City will start the 2010 tour. Also official is Lance Armstrong’s participation in the event. Big news for our neighbors up the hill!

Lance crushes competition in small town bike race

He came, he smelled, he conquered. I don’t know a lot about bike racing, but isn’t it possible for a world class cyclist to dial it down a few notches and still win a race? The headline conjures up an image of a bunch of mountain folk on rusty bikes slapped together with mismatched parts struggling up a hill and then Lance hurtling past at 50 mph in full gear. But it sounds like he greatly enjoyed the race and the city, and all went off without a hitch. I’m still not sure how they crammed that many people in such a small race area.

Breaking: Armstrong and teammates to race in Nevada City this weekend UPDATED

Levi Leipheimer
Levi Leipheimer,
by Flickr user kwc

The Union (Nevada County), all up in Web 3.0, caught the breaking news from cyclist Lance Armstrong hours ago via Twitter that he and Astana Cycling teammates Levi Leipheimer (winner of the 2009 AMGEN Tour of California) and Chris Horner will be racing at the 49th annual Nevada City Classic bike race on Saturday. Let’s hope NVC gives him a better welcome back than Sac did.

UPDATE: Word on the streets of Nevada City is that the town is “in the running towards becoming” host to the first leg of the 2010 AMGEN Tour. Cool!

AMGEN Tour of California

For the cycling enthusiasts among(st) you: make sure you’re prepped for the AMGEN Tour of California which is happening February 20th.

The world’s top professional teams will compete over an eight-day, 700-mile race on a route that includes the California redwoods, wine country and the Pacific Coast.

And yes, that includes the Discovery Team. Stage 2 is from Santa Rosa to Sac (that’s 116 miles, and if you could stretch that out over like 3 days I think it would be really fun). They’ve got a nice page about Sacramento, highlighting popular attractions and such:

Since its founding in 1849, Sacramento has grown into a cosmpolitan (sic) state capital while retaining its Gold Rush flavor.

That ’bout sums it up, I’d say…