Spotted – the Coolest Couple in town

We spotted the coolest couple in town this weekend at Trader Joe’s in East Sacramento. He was bald and wearing faded short-legged blue coveralls, which gave him the appearance of an artist in his paint clothes. She had reddish dyed hair done up in an old-fashioned style, vintage inspired shades, a blouse, and high-waisted side-zip 1950s dungarees, like these from Freddies of Pinewood, but even higher-waisted and with flared legs. The two looked like Katharine Hepburn and Jackson Pollock out doing errands.

They passed in front of our car in the TJ’s parking lot and loaded their groceries into a older Volvo sedan. I’m not much for talking about fashion, but I knows über-cool when I sees it. If I were writing for The Sactorialist I would have stopped traffic in the TJ’s parking lot to take their photo.

Has anybody else seen this couple? Or did we dream it?

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

7 thoughts on “Spotted – the Coolest Couple in town”

  1. Oh please, I hope you are not referring to Kitty and Kurt.

    Did you know Kurt is the owner of a restaurant? Yes it’s true – it’s called SPATARO’S!


  2. I want to be clear that I am not at all being sarcastic. I do in fact think vintagey stuff is cool. I shoot myself in the foot being super sarcastic about everything, nobody knows when I am playing it straight.


  3. And here, all this time, I’ve thought that sac-eats and I were the coolest couple, going about town on our cruiser bikes on the weekends. Dang it.


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