Local coffee? Sure, I’ll have some with my local breadfruit.

Overheard today: “Sorry, we don’t have an espresso machine, but all of our coffees are local.”

Really? I wasn’t aware that any coffee plantations had opened up near the causeway. What I think the young madame meant was that the coffee was roasted locally, probably from Temple or Old Soul, the former being nice, the latter being just one step up from industrial solvent. Of course, she might have meant that it was brewed locally, like right behind her on the counter, in the “local” coffee machine. Either way, I don’t think either really jives with the whole “eat local” campaign.

I opted for fizzy water.

2 thoughts on “Local coffee? Sure, I’ll have some with my local breadfruit.”

  1. It would have been awesome if you’d have seen the brown Yuban can (with the profile of the very ’70s blonde lady sipping a cup of joe) sitting on the counter next to said local coffee machine.

    And sac-eats: I’m tired of your making up charming little excuses for why you don’t drink any more coffee than you have to:


  2. This blog reminds me of the sound of one hand clapping lately… We need another Julie Durda sighting to fire things up. Spicy thai soup anyone?


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