It’s Voting Time

votedIt’s that time of year again, Sacramentans. Time to vote for the Sacramento News & Review’s “Best of Sacramento.”

Now, in previous years, we at the ‘Rag have been more that solicitous in our asking for your vote for us for “Best Local Blog.” And we will be no less solicitous this year.  But, to start off the voting season, I thought I’d throw a few food and entertainment related ideas your way to prime the pump if you will. Feel free to follow your conscience when voting, as always, but if you’re stumped, these choices probably deserve it as much as anyone:

Best Comedy Club– Sacramento Comedy Spot

Best Bakery– Backer Back in Town & Country is turning out some of the best European breads in town, ditto for Grateful Bread on Fair Oaks Blvd

Best Barbecue– Anything but Texas West. I vote for Big Joe’s BBQ in Citrus Heights

Best Breakfast– I’m sure you can come up with your own, but I vote for Lido Cafe in Carmichael

Best Burger– The Squeeze Inn gets all the love, but Flaming Grill on El Camino puts out some ridiculously good stuff

Best Chef– Mulvaney and Selland and Mahan the press, but this year I’m voting for Adam Pechal, owner of Tuli Bistro

Best Desserts– Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Best French– No brainer here, Cafe Rolle

Best Local Steakhouse– Hands down, it’s got to be Buckhorn in Winters

Best New Restaurant- Magpie

Best Pizza– Masullo, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on near culinary perfection

Best Restaurant- Tuli Bistro, yes I know the service can be slow on their patio, and you want to be cooler than thou by dissing it, but come on, the food is fantastic and the they play great music on the hi-fi

3 thoughts on “It’s Voting Time”

  1. I like Big Joe’s – heard about it here, I think, and had a great meal there. Nice people too.

    However, no BBQ place in town can hold a candle to the smoked pork ribs at Cafe au Creme.


  2. I will vote for you, but I will admit that other sacto blog that is adverised heavily on FB is gonna get a lot of votes 😦


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