North Korea pardons Ling and Lee

Apparently Bill Clinton worked his notorious charm on Kim Jong Il himself and the journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee will be freed. The latest is actually that Bill Clinton has already left the DPRK but so far nobody knows whether the journalists were with him. Naturally we should all monitor Twitter for the real news about the situation, like this gem from Mandy V.:

Twitter / Mandy V.

Author: CoolDMZ

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10 thoughts on “North Korea pardons Ling and Lee”

  1. I hope I, as a taxpayer, am not being forced to kick down for Bill’s trip. Is the State Department going to bill these two idiots for the gas for the plane?


  2. Yeah, idiots is right. They knew what they were doing, yet will be rewarded for their stupidity via free p.r. Heroes my a$$.


  3. Book deal? Movie? I hope the taxpayers are reimbursed first… And will AL Gore will buy some carbon credits to offset the fuel for Bill’s special trip.


  4. I agree that this was obviously a dumb move on both their parts but must say that the picture of Lee when she sees her daughter as she steps off the plane? Made me burst into tears at my desk. So TS? Yes, they’ll be getting a movie deal shortly.


  5. I just learned on The Daily Show that the plane is owned by Shangri-La, which is multi-millionaire Steve Bing’s company, so it does not seem that tax-payers are footing the bill.

    And yes, we are due for Pub Quiz.


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