Best Of is Best!

Once again we’ve been chosen by you readerfolk as the Best Of something in the News & Review’s annual contest! Specifically, we are the 3rd Best Web site (in a tie with, hilariously) and the 2nd Best Blog, in another heartbreaking loss to the formidable Heckasac who can of course be found at Taking home top honors in the Best Sacramento Web site category is none other than … The Sacramento News & Review. Congratulations on winning your own contest!

And a special sexxy congratulations to Stickie, whose alter ego “Daniel F. Scott” was named #2 Best sexy Sacramentan! (And as a reminder, catch Stickie’s sexxy brain in action at The Shack tonight and every Wednesday night for trivia!)

Two more good notes: From a cursory glance it seems like the SN&R readership is finally moving away from voting for chain establishments in many categories. And congratulations to Boon Boon Cafe, my favorite restaurant, for taking home #2 in the Best takeout category. If you haven’t yet had takeout from Boon Boon, make sure to hit them up this weekend for some knockout Thai.

Now for the bad news: our showing represents a downgrade from last year, when we were named #2 Web site and #1 blog. Rather than do any scientific analysis of the reasons behind our ratings decline, we’re planning to recast the entire writing staff using super-hott 24-year old actors, CW-style. Well, all of us except Stickie, of course…

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

6 thoughts on “Best Of is Best!”

  1. Thanxxxx to all the girls (and boys) who voted.

    To all the brooklyn girls
    To all the french girls
    To all the oriental girls
    To all the swiss girls
    To the italian women
    To the upper east side mombiles
    To all the jamaican girls
    And to the top-less dancers
    And brazilian
    To the southern belles
    To the puerto rican girls
    To the stewardesses flying around the world…

    Do I get a plaque? Custom monogrammed underwear? Gift certificate to the G Spot?


  2. Thanks. When I become king of the world, I know it all comes back to that moment when I was voted 2nd best sexy Sacramentan by a dozen people.

    I think the voters and SNR did a better job of with the Best of….this year, as it appears to me that there are less stupid chain businesses given as answers. SNR made smart choices by asking “Best Lunch” instead of “Best Sandwiches”, which resulted in people voting for lunch spots rather than for Togo’s or Subway. Voting is still horribly Midtown-centric, which allows purveyors of complete shit to be honored in some categories (hello, Plum Blossom? Tamaya? Leave the grid once in a while, people) but still represents many of Sacramento’s most well-known restaurants, if not their best.

    It also shows that Sacramento is doing better. Take a look at Best Coffee…Starbucks is not listed!!!! This not only means that people are starting to look beyond the omnipresent chains, but that Sacramento actually has some good places to get coffee that are well known.

    Oh, and best restaurant? The big three, of course. Ella, Mulvaney B&L, and The Waterboy, which are three places I would recommend to any out-of-town foodie wondering if Sacramento has anything good to offer.


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