My “Abide to Ride” poster

Regarding Sac RT’s “Abide to Ride” campaign, which bans RT riders who habitually violate its transit laws: I cannot be the first person who thought of this. But maybe I was the first person with basic Photoshop skillz and an hour of free time:

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

6 thoughts on “My “Abide to Ride” poster”

  1. (3) Penal Code §640(b)(6) – Willfully disturbing others on or in a system
    facility or vehicle by engaging in boisterous or unruly behavior.

    Jeez, this is like, the entire 51 and 81 route!
    I’ve witnessed so much crap on these routes when I was unfortunate and carless.
    I’ve seen fights on the bus, people barfing, peeing, all sorts of disgusting behavior… most of it from the teens from the high school!
    I hope they raise a lot of revenue from this…


  2. I mostly ride the Gold Line, but I haven’t seen any shit go down on a vehicle in a long time. I mean, every third person is drunk or stoned, but maybe because the trains don’t make any turns on my trip there is very little blowing of chunks. And I guess the stoners would probably be *less* likely to blow chunks anyway. But man do they smoke the pot.

    I think most of the reason the trains don’t have as much belligerence is that the drivers don’t have to make each person pay. I get asked for my ticket maybe once every 3 weeks. There’s a money maker right there.

    And thanks for the kind words about my artwork, I’m very proud.


  3. Been on the Blue Line and it’s nice in the North and South areas.

    Then you hit the “Central City”. Loud noise. Teens running back and forth from seat to seat. Funny how you clutch your stuff more in this area than the others.

    RT will probably make a bundle there.


  4. DMZ, you are insulated as being a rail-rider only, and a Gold one at that. That 82 and 26 route which I have had the misfortune of riding on at prime times is makes me want to ride in a HazMat suit.

    Though even the Gold Line is feast or famine when it comes to loud and obnoxious riders, isn’t it? 10 minutes seems to make all the difference between a relaxing commute and transit crammed with shitty hip-hop blasting out of tinny cell-phone speakers. The number of cars can increase this problem exponentially.

    But nothing is like the Blue line…. *shudder*… the Blue Line.

    Thankfully, my normal 34-to-Gold route is usually smooth and quiet- only Sac State students and senior citizens usually.


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