Poll: 3 out of 5 feel that summer is hotter than winter

I just don’t get *news* stories like this one at cbs13.com (via AP):

Poll: Californians Worried About College Costs

A new poll shows Californians are worried about higher education funding cuts they fear qualified people won’t get to college. A Public Policy Institute of California telephone survey of about 2,500 people finds half of parents with children 18 or under are very worried about being able to afford a college education for their children.

Really? You don’t say. Let me dust off my sociology degree for a second and suggest that all parents from the beginning of time have been very worried about being able to afford a college education for their children. Sure, there is a sector of the population with tons o’cash who may never actually sit down on their Italian leather sofa (try not humming that tune now, btw) and *worry*, but a headline letting us know that Californians are just worried about college costs doesn’t really help anyone, right?

I know I’m a curmudgeon, but if all you hear is that the sky is falling with no end in sight, because of the budget, of course people will be worried about the cost of EVERYTHING.

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

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