Who doesn’t like Discount Jazz?

Those chickens were mighty tasty
Those chickens were mighty tasty
I was hungry, so my trusty dog and I were chasing the wild chickens that inhabit hobotown on the North side of Boulevard Park. Hot on the trail, we crashed under a chainlink fence and were surprised to find a musical combo practicing their hot licks. We sat in the dirt and enjoyed their raising a ruckus for the local hobos that tolerated their caterwauling so they could cop a squat next to their barrel fire and catch a whiff of their manly musk. We passed a jug, kicked the dirt and roasted chickens until the night became blurry and uncomfortable.

Thankfully, I had forgotten most of that night until today, when I saw an ad for a hootenanny at Luna’s tonight. Sure enough, it was those two fine smelling gentlemen grinning out from the photo, bringing back terrible memories of undercooked poultry and a two week battle with the hobo flu. The only good recollection I have of that night is the toe tapping tunes and sharp wit of the Freebadge Serenaders that had me holding my belly with laughter and indigestion.

Keith Lowell Jensen’s Wednesday Night Comedy
Luna’s Cafe and Juice Bar (1414 16th Street)
8pm, $5

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