KCRA news van burglary highlights growing trend of crime against KCRA

March for Marriage Equality - Sacramento
Creative Commons License photo credit: Annie&John

Normally I wouldn’t joke about the break-in of an unmarked KCRA news van earlier this month. But in this otherwise positive report about homicides being down 42% since 2008, KCRA references the burglary of its van to tie the incident to crime trends that “depen[d] on the neighborhood.” Did the crooks actually steal the vehicle, leaving KCRA able only to report on news that happens at KCRA?

I’m kidding, of course. The vehicle break-in happened in Natomas which today’s report points out is experiencing a major increase in vehicle burglaries.

Author: CoolDMZ

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6 thoughts on “KCRA news van burglary highlights growing trend of crime against KCRA”

  1. I sure am glad the van didn’t get stolen.

    I don’t know what I would do without the roadside weather report from Blue Canyon. I really like it when the reporter picks up a handful of snow to prove that it really snowed at Blue Canyon. If only the Apollo guys had done this, maybe I would be able to believe that men actually landed on the moon in the summer of ’69.

    And I suppose that part of the KCRA story about fewer homicides in Sacramento is good news too.


  2. Cogmeyer: Nobody was going to steal a KCRA van. In fact, it wasn’t even a van. It was an unmarked SUV that KCRA occasionally uses for shoots that don’t require a liveshot (no antenna on the truck). They look just like your ordinary Jeep Cherokee or Ford Explorer.

    The thief broke in to steal a camera, which was bolted down by the photographer. The photog wasn’t even on duty — he was on his lunch break.


  3. I have a good one for you gov, why was my best friend did not get her food stamps and cash for grandchild.she is with no food and money to pay her bills Whats up with this. she was at the welfare office the other day.but they sent her home with nothing .also the mother of these kids left them with the grandmother.she now faces with no christmas tree or even a nice dinner for the kids.the kids don’t have any clothes at all not even toys for christmas and the grandmother don’t have money$$$$.and now with no car i think this is not fair to her or the kids where is the love the predents or the the gov have man where is the love of god in this calif.PLEASE HELP HER IN ANY WAY she lives at REDACTED


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