Some people became angry

Crowd waiting for Air Jordans
Happy Holidays.

From we learn that, in spite of these tough economic times, people still covet sneakers and are willing to wait in line for them.

Crowds were in line waiting for the release of Air Jordan 11. The crowd that gathered for the $175 sneakers became so unruly, police were brought in and the mall closed. As a result, many customers who had been standing in line for hours became angry…Some people reportedly tried to get into the mall through back doors.

No word if any were wearing hoodies. Although I can report that Mrs. TopofIt has intentionally worn a hoodie at the Arden Fair Mall without so much as a second look.

Only six people were able to get shoes before the mall was closed. They received a special police escort from the mall to their vehicles.

$175 for reissued shoes! Man, people are funny.

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

18 thoughts on “Some people became angry”

  1. Really? Our budget crunched diminished police department is escorting lunatics out of the mall with their $175 shoes? I’m sorry but if you want to wait in ‘that’ kind of line to buy Air Jordans (hello 15 years ago!) you should have to fend for yourself.


  2. From the KCRA article:

    “There was a SWAT team, fighting, helicopters,” shopper Ashley Merriman said. “It was insane.” Arden Fair Mall officials said another attempt will be made at 8 a.m. to sell the shoes.

    This can’t miss. 8 a.m. tomorrow, the 24th? The article was updated after 8 a.m. but that part is confusing.


  3. Great find, Doyle.

    If you were thinking maybe Sacramento is just jacked up, check out the comments on the site.

    People suck all over.


  4. Florin’s mall consists of a stale Sears surrounded by wheel stores (“24s please”). The future of Arden? With a Cheesecake Factory in front? And stabbings every summer after the State Fair!! Are there any wheel stores around Arden yet?


  5. I wonder if an incident like this happened at a release for a New Twilight book would there be as many references to “Arden being the new Florin”. Way to sterotype.

    It’s quite possible that Arden Fair didn’t handle the situation correctly, this type of incident has happened previously at Arden Fair.
    In this situation, I hold the mall and it’s retailers partial responsible for this getting out of hand. Why did’t the mall/retailers have extra security or a police presence to begin with, especially since this has happened before. I’m not saying the crowd doesn’t share a majority of the blame, but Arden Fair needs to take a little heat and admit they underestimated what they were dealing with.


  6. I can see the riot for new books now: All them vegan helicopter parents trying to work up the energy to push and shove, all thier pale kids off to the side, wearing black and mortified.

    You see, CC, that wouldn’t happen, because people who value books (as opposed to people who value a pair of shoes) aren’t going to forsake their social contract for a book. They would line up. They would wait their turn. And they would intellectually comprehend that there is not an infinite supply of books in the store, and they could obtain one later if necessary.

    The people who value shoes above the social contract don’t have the mental capacity to understand that the supply in a store is not infinite. They would blame others for “taking thier shoes.” That mentality is stereotypical of the Florin area: You wouldn’t let me into that party, “Imma bussa cappin yer azz.” “I don’t have 22s- must be someone else’s ‘fault’.” The social contract has broken down in many areas of town, Florin being one of them. Just look as the Sac PD web site’s crimetracker map. Stereotype? Yes. Incorrect in this instance? Not a bit.

    Arden Fair was dealing with SHOES. They don’t need to take any heat. The crowd takes ALL the blame.


  7. Sacramento ca. a waste of space. You can’t look more than fifty feet in any direction without seeing a truck……You call that a city? Maybe in Texas. No music scene, fixies,The king’s [yes I am laughing], a gross polluted river, tweakers everywhere,K street mall wasteland, railyard,,,,,,,,not going to happen,Fixies, Cal-expo…… , Insecure angry people, bad food with the exception of the pasty shack. and Old Sacramento , where the G’S hangout. If you live in Sacofshitremento .well……you suck.My apologies for the poor punctuation ,I’m fro Sac.


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