What the CLUCK?!

What you are about to hear is truly fowl. You may want to cover your ears. According to the Sac Bee, a local family has been issued a notice by the city to have their unruly chickens removed. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about roosters here, but chickens. According to the story, a neighbor complained about the hens’ raucous “cooing.” The nerve!

I for one would like to create a top ten list of the most horrible ways to wake up in the morning:

10. Oven door shutting, followed by the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls
9. Wind chimes tink-tinking
8. Kittens purring
7. Waves lapping the beach
6. Rain drops pattering on the window pane
5. Birds singing
4. Hummingbird humming
3. Water fountain splashing
2. Leaves rustling
1. Chickens cooing

Indeed, I’m sure the disturbed neighbors would rather wake up to my top ten list of the absolute best ways to awake each morning:

10. Garbage truck beeping (or any truck for that matter)
9. Leaf blower wailing
8. Coffee grinder grinding
7. Alarm clock blaring
6. Cell phone ringing
5. Dogs barking
4. Lawn mower droning
3. Mosquito buzzing
2. Helicopter flying
1. Cars honking

12 thoughts on “What the CLUCK?!”

  1. I think I’d move dogs barking to #1! It’s amazing how much dog barking at all hours we’re forced to tolerate, yet a chicken is too much?


  2. The only problem is that the chickens coo EVERY morning, about half an hour before the sun comes up. And nothing like a little sly rooster action on the side to get some free hens. And finally, don’t tell me they will stay in a fenced yard. Chickens fly. Maybe only 40 feet at a time, but they do fly.

    You wanna keep them in your house? Have at it. But when you live in the city, you are giving up the “right” to keep burros, bulls, and farm animals, which would stink, make noise, etc. If you have neighbors, you can’t impose your noise on them. Yes, there are idiots with Harleys, bad dog owners, and maniac 7 am leaf blowers. But no farm animals in the city.


  3. My dogs don’t bark much, but they dug under the fence and ate my neighbor’s illegal chickens the day after we moved into the neighborhood. It sounds funny now but I felt terrible about it at the time…


  4. 1. My chickens don’t make terribly loud noises.
    2. My chickens do not fly out of my yard… ever.
    3. Jennyo – we slapped a hefty vet bill on our neighbor for a digging dog – it included surgery.

    They are our pets. They have names. They are probably better cared for than most children. They might be smarter than some of the Sac Bee commenters.


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