What the CLUCK?!

What you are about to hear is truly fowl. You may want to cover your ears. According to the Sac Bee, a local family has been issued a notice by the city to have their unruly chickens removed. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about roosters here, but chickens. According to the story, a neighbor complained about the hens’ raucous “cooing.” The nerve!

I for one would like to create a top ten list of the most horrible ways to wake up in the morning:

10. Oven door shutting, followed by the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls
9. Wind chimes tink-tinking
8. Kittens purring
7. Waves lapping the beach
6. Rain drops pattering on the window pane
5. Birds singing
4. Hummingbird humming
3. Water fountain splashing
2. Leaves rustling
1. Chickens cooing

Indeed, I’m sure the disturbed neighbors would rather wake up to my top ten list of the absolute best ways to awake each morning: Continue reading “What the CLUCK?!”

Farm City: Tales from an Urban Farmer

FoodNov09 458Novella Carpenter compares herself to the witch in Hansel and Grettle, “I fatten things up so I can eat them.” A more apt description might be Charlie from the Chocolate Factory: she’s found a golden ticket to building community through urban farming, and she sure is ecstatic! Carpenter recently spoke about her new book, Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op as part of a fundraiser for Soil Born Farms.

Carpenter embodies the passionate social movement surrounding locally grown, sustainable food practices. She’s sharp as a tack, yet laid-back, and comes dressed in her jeans and work boots. She opens by cheering about her afternoon class on backyard chicken farming, “I felt like I was part of the resistance movement. Yeah!” She declares with fist raised, earnest but laughing.

Carpenter takes this work seriously. She lives Continue reading “Farm City: Tales from an Urban Farmer”