Free Kings Tickets for Your Birthday!

Happy birthday, Aquarians! The Sacramento Kings want to help you celebrate with FREE tickets. According to their website, anyone with a January birthday “can select an upper bowl seat ($25.50 value) or a lower bowl seat ($79.50 value), your choice.”

Being the water girl that I am, I attempted to obtain my free ticket online. One for me, plus one for my January birthday pal. In fact, I probably have a dozen friends with January birthdays. Sadly, the online system won’t allow you to select more than one free ticket at a time. So, you’ll have to link up via cell to ensure you’re all booking seats in the same row. An added burden, but hey, they’re FREE.

Hurry! Tickets are only available for two more games: January 26 against the Warriors and January 30 against the Bobcats.

6 thoughts on “Free Kings Tickets for Your Birthday!”

  1. I got my tickets for the game on the 30th over a month ago. Heads up, the seats offered are beyond the nosebleed section. I know, I know, but it’s free you’re saying. Only one ticket was free so I paid full price for the other two. It’s not really worth it in the end.


  2. Mad Dog, when you get the email to actually pick your seats there are very few available for the birthday promotion. Plus, I assume you don’t want to go by yourself so by the time you pay for the additional ticket(s) it’s not that much of a bargain. Just my opinion. Carry on..


  3. Guys. guys. I have no idea what upper bowl seats are (or any other seat ‘types’ for that matter) but I’m saying that whatever they are offering in their promotion is not exactly what you get when you go to choose your free seat. You have like 10 seats to choose from and they all basically suck. I get it. It’s free but like any good marketing guy will tell you (myself included) they are making bank on the additional cost of extra bad seats for your guests, parking, etc.


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