Sacramento makes Seattle’s dreams come true

Photo of  the Seattle SuperSonics logo
I had the brew, she had the chronic.

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This is a time to reflect; a time to think about dreams. It is also a time to prepare to say goodbye (reportedly, er, sources say, by the time you read this) to the Sacramento Kings. We may want to ease our sorrows by putting ourselves in Seattle’s shoes. That is, let’s hop over to their side of the internet and check out what they have to say.

You can believe it now: NBA is coming back. This time the deal is done. The Sonics are coming back in the form of the Sacramento Kings. No this isn’t a dream. And it isn’t another one of those here-come-the-Kings teases. This time the deal is done. The Sonics are coming back in the form of the Sacramento Kings…And remember, the Maloofs, who have tried their best to run this team into the ground, no longer are running this show…I just have the feeling, judging by the smart and understated way Hansen and his colleagues have gone about the arena proposal and the acquisition of this team, they will be equally good at finding the right people to make the right personnel decisions. These guys are winners…We may never open our arms to commissioner David Stern, but he wanted this deal to work. He told me four years ago he wanted Ballmer in the league. The league is better with Hansen and Ballmer in it.

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Kings continue push for #RekeROY

As the Kings wind down a forgettable season (7 losses in a row and counting…) their “totally unnecessary” campaign to get Tyreke Evans the Rookie of the Year award (ROY, get it?) reached ludicrous speed when they enlisted the talents of Dude Perfect to make crazy shots around Sacramento.

Hey, I’m not made out of wood, these shots are pretty cool.

Oak Ridge High School Trojans Win State Title

Props to the Oak Ridge High School women’s basketball team for winning their league title, the section title, the NorCal Championship, and now the CIF Division I state basketball championship. The Trojans took down the mighty Jackrabbits of Long Beach Poly 55 – 42 on Saturday night.

The Poly Jackrabbits (32-3) sought to become the first girls or boys team in state history to win five consecutive state titles. The Trojans, however, pieced together their own history by playing a fundamental brand of sharing the ball, defending with purpose and making free throws in the final minutes…Mark Tennis, longtime editor of Cal-Hi Sports/ESPN Rise, called the Trojans’ effort “the biggest upset in state girls championship history; not even close.”


Special props go out to the commenters who called out Ryan Yamamoto’s grammar and typographical errors.

The shoes are called “Uggs”, not “Ughs”. That would be more along the lines of “Ugh! You guys are supposed to be journalists and yet again, you were hellbent on getting the story out quickly as opposed to making sure it was correct.”

Nice one.

Free Kings Tickets for Your Birthday!

Happy birthday, Aquarians! The Sacramento Kings want to help you celebrate with FREE tickets. According to their website, anyone with a January birthday “can select an upper bowl seat ($25.50 value) or a lower bowl seat ($79.50 value), your choice.”

Being the water girl that I am, I attempted to obtain my free ticket online. One for me, plus one for my January birthday pal. In fact, I probably have a dozen friends with January birthdays. Sadly, the online system won’t allow you to select more than one free ticket at a time. So, you’ll have to link up via cell to ensure you’re all booking seats in the same row. An added burden, but hey, they’re FREE.

Hurry! Tickets are only available for two more games: January 26 against the Warriors and January 30 against the Bobcats.