Free Kings Tickets for Your Birthday!

Happy birthday, Aquarians! The Sacramento Kings want to help you celebrate with FREE tickets. According to their website, anyone with a January birthday “can select an upper bowl seat ($25.50 value) or a lower bowl seat ($79.50 value), your choice.”

Being the water girl that I am, I attempted to obtain my free ticket online. One for me, plus one for my January birthday pal. In fact, I probably have a dozen friends with January birthdays. Sadly, the online system won’t allow you to select more than one free ticket at a time. So, you’ll have to link up via cell to ensure you’re all booking seats in the same row. An added burden, but hey, they’re FREE.

Hurry! Tickets are only available for two more games: January 26 against the Warriors and January 30 against the Bobcats.