K Street proposals offered tonight

If this was a comic book, I would read it

Separate articles on LivingInUrbanSac and by William Burg on Sacramento Press highlight the proposals being submitted tonight to the City Council for the 700 and 800 block of K Street. An ambitious face lift is being proposed by 4 different groups.

This is an area that I am interested in enough to read up on the proposals. I have always loved the K Street Mall and I would love to simply see it back to what I remember, much less something along the lines of these proposals. I suppose my vision would be closest to Proposal 3 by D&S Development and CFY Development; this proposal aims to “preserve the historic fabric” of the block by retaining the existing facades. Proposal 2 by David Taylor/CIM Group/Domus Development/Zeiden Properties, which is probably the most likely to be chosen, also looks like the most boring. Thing. Of all time.

What say you, crowd?

Author: CoolDMZ

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4 thoughts on “K Street proposals offered tonight”

  1. Whatever. No one cares. Everyone shops at Target and WalMart, which will have nothing to do with downtown. The Macys(ses) is/are on its/their last legs. I went to DT last weekend. K St is just a passageway of filth and cheap skin between DT parking and old Sac.

    “[P]reserve the historic fabric” with flapper bars, horse and buggy rides, and riding bums out of town as public sport. Let private security beat the tar outta the bums. Tell the riff-raff to move along, or beat them down. Let ’em get their fancy health care in Stockton, or other points south.

    Where is the school? Housing? Grocery store and butcher/baker/candlestick maker? Good luck attracting people who #1) have the money to spend and 2) are willing to go to DT Sac to spend it. What a waste of time…


  2. Its interesting that these renderings always seem to magically erase the homeless problem on K St.

    Maybe the guy in the picture with the white shirt and chinos was once homeless, but like his surroundings has risen anew. Are the developers implying that their proposals can change peoples lives?

    Or do the images imply that development will chase away the homeless? Although many of subconciously prefer the homeless problem to be hidden from view, I am surprised by such a blatant attitude from developers wishing to do business in the city.

    Maybe its time for a law in the city that artistic development renderings include the approximate number of homeless people now occupying an area. If the rendering still looks attractive, then we will know we have picked a winner!


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