Cars on K Street?

The shovels are in the ground and K Street between 8th and 12th will soon once again have cars. But there will be no parking, no curbs and gutters, and 11th will still be people only.

So business was booming in the 80s and the place is desolate now, but somehow adding cars is going to bring people back? Because they’ll be able to see from their cars what K Street from 8th to 12th Streets has to offer? But then they’ll have to park somewhere else and walk back? Color me unconvinced.

What do you think? Will cars on K Street return the block to its former glory?

“Nick on the Town” on new K Street nightlife

Nick on the Town reviews Dive Bar, Pizza Rock and District 30 and gives them his stamp of approval. Well, all of them except for District 30…

which I actually didn’t go into last night because I didn’t feel cool enough. Of course, by “didn’t feel cool enough” I mean I felt sleepy. But, man, they’ve gone through a lot of effort to convince you just how cool the place is. They even hired “world famous hipster DJ Steve Aoki” to play tonight.

Nick would know, so if he goes thumbs up on this then I am almost completely turned around on the issue.

Second thoughts on K Street

I know I had my fun with the Karpaty venues recently, but I was down there today at lunchtime with The Game Guy, and he helped me to see another side of the coin: at least it’s something. When you get a look at K Street from the Crest to the Community Center, you realize that there is a lot going on and a lot already there. Granted, it is almost exclusively for the nightclub set, and it will have a restaurant with a mermaid tank, but when the establishments open there will be a lot going on. Which for downtown is saying very much indeed.

I’m no planning expert, but the K Street I remember had much more for everybody, from nightclubs and nice restaurants to janky shops and the Crest (which is still looking awesome). Maybe a few good months of nightclubbing will help retail around that area, but it seems like even if lots more Four Loko is getting bought in the mini marts, there still won’t be too much to do if you’re not having some ‘za or stepping out with your 30-something lady friends. GG and I had both spent time in LA’s West side so we have Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade to compare to–and K Street probably never be that. But at least it will have something.

K Street proposals offered tonight

If this was a comic book, I would read it

Separate articles on LivingInUrbanSac and by William Burg on Sacramento Press highlight the proposals being submitted tonight to the City Council for the 700 and 800 block of K Street. An ambitious face lift is being proposed by 4 different groups.

This is an area that I am interested in enough to read up on the proposals. I have always loved the K Street Mall and I would love to simply see it back to what I remember, much less something along the lines of these proposals. I suppose my vision would be closest to Proposal 3 by D&S Development and CFY Development; this proposal aims to “preserve the historic fabric” of the block by retaining the existing facades. Proposal 2 by David Taylor/CIM Group/Domus Development/Zeiden Properties, which is probably the most likely to be chosen, also looks like the most boring. Thing. Of all time.

What say you, crowd?