Election day open thread

voting day in a small town, by Muffet Creative Commons

Well, election day is upon us again. Seems like only yesterday when in reality it was 7 long months ago that we last did this. So this is your open thread for election day: post your funny overheard comments, any frustrations & confusions, police-state shenanigans, etc.

Any wacky activity at your polling place?

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

9 thoughts on “Election day open thread”

  1. From all the mud slinging, I started to get the impression that every candidate in the Primary hates puppies. And if I vote Yes/No on Prop ____, I hate puppies, too


  2. Went to the poll at 730am. No voters there! A guy finally walked in as I was finishing up.

    I had just read the Dan Walters column in the Bee about how Assy. Speaker Perez won his primary in ’08 with just 4900 votes, in a downtown LA district with 500K residents.


    It is always interesting to see how folks bitch about the government and yet are quite willing to leave the electoral process to such a tiny minority.


  3. From news10.net about low voter turnout despite record amounts of money spent on election campaigns:

    “Republicans Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have doled out $110 million on their campaigns for California governor. And Democrat Jerry Brown has spent more than $270,000.”

    Well, they did say *more* than $270,000…


  4. People couldn’t vote unless they produced proof of citizenship, and proof that they were able to support both themselves and all their children, at my polling place. What a crazy whacky world- where the people who actually suffer the burdens imposed are the ones entitled to elect the decision makers.


  5. Really, people… you GO to the polls? How archaic. Check the little box marked “absentee ballot” and it will come in the mail for the rest of your life! Never face the degredation of smelly, dirty polling places! No lines in the major elections either! Look up the issues as you are voting! I never really experienced voting until I did it from the comfort of my couch.


  6. Eh, there’s something about going to the polls that seems more “official” or something. I also like to wear my little “I voted” sticker.


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