Man v. Food: Sacramento

Fans of the show “Man v. Food” on the Travel Channel will be treated to a Sacramento edition on Wednesday, September 29th at 9:00 p.m. E/P.

In the Golden State capital, Adam gets a true taste of Sactown when he visits the California State Fair. Adam experiences everything from rodeos, to roller coasters, to monster trucks at this annual gathering, but he’s really there for the main attraction: the food! At the fair, Adam tries the most delicious mobile meals Sacramento has to offer: he falls in serious soulful love with deep fried catfish on a stick, and stops by the Sweet Cheeks stand for everything he’s ever wanted for dessert–deep fried! Adam also has the best of two worlds with the Twister Dog at Tornado Potato.

After the fair, Adam visits Jim Denny’s, a Sac City institution known for having the best breakfast in town. With “The Works”, Adam tries a two pound omelet that combines everything on the menu. Finally, Adam takes on the Knucklehead Challenge at Parker’s Hot Dogs. In 100 attempts, only one person has completed this five pound platter in the twenty minute allotted time-slot. This challenge is made up of 5-half pound hot dogs on a 16 inch bun smothered in four pounds of chili, nacho cheese, veggies, tortilla strips, and fries.

Food News and Rumors

A few items have come across my plate recently and I thought I’d share.

Dan Aykroyd in Sacramento selling vodka– Wednesday, Sep 29 at the BevMo on Adren Way, Dan Aykroyd, legendary star of screen and …screen, will be signing bottles of his new vodka called Crystal Head. Creepily bottled in skull-shaped vessels, this very drinkable vodka is a pet project of the man who once shilled for bass blenders and bags of glass as children’s playthings on SNL. Check out the strange and awkward and strangely awkward video below for more info on this product. Feel free to offer your ideas for signature cocktails you can make with Elwood’s daddy juice.

Bistro 33 to undergo popular makeover– Goodbye Bistro 33 Midtown. The Haines brothers’ hippest spot has temporarily shut its doors to become Spin Burger Bar. Taking a hint from Mason Wong, whose transformation of his signature eponymous restaurant to Cafeteria 15L has turned out to be a great business decision, and Rick Mahan, whose One Speed has brought in more business than his upscale Waterboy, the Haines boys will be transforming an underperforming asset into a more casual, more economical eatery with — taking a big cue from Mahan — a cycling theme. In my favorite quote of the decade, Fred Haines said, “the ultra lounge thing is dead and we’re rolling with the changes.” (Kudos to Chris Macias at the Bee for getting that wonderful phrase to be uttered) Continue reading “Food News and Rumors”

New eats in Tahoe Park: Cafe Lumiere

Now open at Broadway & 57th in Tahoe Park is Cafe Lumiere, offering breakfast and lunch and Java City coffee (and beer and wine, if I’m not mistaken)! I have yet to try it but we took a gander at the menu and it looked awesome: standard cafe fare, sandwiches, salads, full breakfasts. Check back here for a full review probably after this weekend, where I may sample the breakfast.

This answers supersonic30’s question from over 2 years ago, and so far it does not appear there will be room for a cigarette shop on that block, though there is one across the street.

TP is small enough that all of us who live there know where I’m talking about, but here is what the block looked like about a month ago:

New look, features for

Local happy hour website launched an updated look today with some new features. This week marked the official launch for the site, which aims to be the “Craigslist of Food and Drink” for the Sacramento region.

In addition to tweaking the design, founder Tim White has added hundreds of new listings in outlying areas from Davis to Rocklin, and added additional sorting on the food and drink specials. Other updates will be coming soon, including improved navigation and more specific content on the locations and deals. It’s a great site for quick listings of all the hot spots, and it’s now extremely useful for those off the grid. Cheers!