CoolDMZ family witnessed Zoo lockdown!

You heard about the high speed chase that ended inside the Sacramento Zoo, as a trio of car thieves drove through the back gate of the zoo. Mrs Cool and the young’uns were on the scene! They were headed toward the giraffes, when suddenly it became clear something was wrong. Then they were herded into the gift shop by very helpful and quick-acting zoo employees, and spent several tense minutes inside on lockdown, waiting for it all to play out.

No photos — even if she had been able to snap them she says she probably would have refrained, as the kids were not exactly loving this. They didn’t see the perps, but they did see police storming the place. Plenty of folks in the gift shop were crowding near the windows (the dudes were not armed, but what if they had been?) snapping photos. That would have made a great photo — folks grabbing shots for the Facebook page while their kids cried in strollers.

My kids pointed out that “it had a happy ending,” and the oldest declared it “the coolest thing that has ever happened.”

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

6 thoughts on “CoolDMZ family witnessed Zoo lockdown!”

  1. Jeez. Remember the lock-down drills at school? Away from the windows and sit on the ground? While I can guess how well this would work in a nuclear or air raid attack… with possible armed intruders it just makes sense.

    Congrats to Mrs. Cool for actually paying attention in school and putting the well being of her family and self BEFORE social mongering. Well done!


  2. The coolest thing that has ever happened would have been summary execution. If you run, you should get the gun. Risking the lives of everyone else on the road/in the zoo is malice beyond comparison. A little well-publicized bud-nipping (maybe with photos!) would go a long way in precluding such future larks.


  3. I’m glad Mrs. Cool and the Baby Cools all got out safely. I’m always amazed however at what people will do for a Facebook or Twitter update. I was driving down I-80 one afternoon when I suddenly hit bumper to bumper traffic. I cursed but thought it was a little early for rush hour. Half an hour later, I discovered the cause of the slowdown: a truck had flipped off of a ramp and was smoking ominously. But neither the truck or the CHP was blocking traffic: it was the drivers who had to stop and take a video of the accident before moving on. I wondered if Twitter wasn’t flooded with posts saying, “Upside down truck, lol!”


  4. Waiting for the “summary stoning by pissed I-5 drivers caught in traffic by dumb@ss fleeing driver/overpass jumper/escaped mental patient”/ you get the drift vid. Will “Like” and forward 10x!! Start the stoning and become a youtube sensation like . . . errr. . . those other youtube guys!!!


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