Grant vs Folsom on ESPN tonight!

Reminder that ESPN RISE will feature Grant High vs. Folsom High tonight at 7pm on ESPN 2.

The RISE site has a nice feature on Viliami Moala, Grant’s 340-lb lineman.

The big question is whether you’ll be listening to the coverage with Slammin’ Sammy on “Panther Radio” or getting En Fuego on 1040 a.m.


Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

1 thought on “Grant vs Folsom on ESPN tonight!”

  1. Shocker alert! There was controversy with EPSN’s coverage of this game (won by the Pacers 49-14).

    The host school, Folsom, had to wrestle ESPN for their $2,000 check which they described as “piddly.” They even had to fight for visiting Grant to get compensated also – a whopping $1,000.

    The quote of the day comes from Fox 40 sports director Jim Crandell:

    “I’ve covered eight Super Bowls and never had as many difficulties as I have with this game,”

    You stay classy, ESPN.

    Nice one, Crandell…


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