“East Sacramento” Target?

Mrs Cool pointed out that the new Target store on 65th at US 50 is labeled the “East Sacramento Target.” As this store is firmly located in Tahoe Park East, I would like to start an Internet campaign to refer to this as “Tahoe Park Target.” (This will start just in time to keep the political fires burning.)

The folks at Target may have been going for a strictly geographical appellation, but what they failed to realize is that so were the folks who named our neighborhoods. Who’s with me? I’d love to give my TP some love, but are there any neighborhood experts who have an even more precise neighborhood designation?

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

11 thoughts on ““East Sacramento” Target?”

  1. You could set up a table out front and try to get people to sign a petition. Or just TP them nightly until they capitulate.


  2. I think non-local people would confuse the name/location as being in Lake Tahoe if they were to look it up online. It is located East of Sacramento, hence the East Sacramento title.


  3. Yeah I was mostly being facetious. However if it was a Wal Mart would East Sac residents be OK with it being the East Sacramento Wal-Mart?


  4. Maybe just the way my computer was displaying site. Seems better now. Thanks!

    So the North East South Tahoe Park Target?


  5. It’s a cold world blood… No Mercy; ain’t that what you write on the walls?

    It’s all about respecting the hoods.


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