People wait in lines to act like people

$70 for the toddler version!

We all know about the Black Friday deals that bring out the best in people, but running a close second is the release of Air Jordan basketball shoes. Just like in 2009 (wow, to the day no less), folks went nuts this morning trying to get their hands on the $170 sneakers.

When Champs, which was selling the highly coveted Air Jordans, couldn’t handle the crowd, workers called in security and Citrus Heights police officers. Now, store management is refusing to open the gate until the crowd disperses.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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Many said they will easily sell the shoes on Ebay for up to $500. Arden Fair’s security team hired eight off-duty Sacramento police officers to secure the area. Overnight, as some people tried to cut in line, fights erupted, according to those who were waiting. In past years, people who managed to buy Air Jordans sometimes lost them to armed robbers as they left the mall’s property.

Pa rum pum pum pum.

On the plus side, I did notice that my 2009 post mentions the shoes selling for $175. This year’s version are going for $170. Inflation, shminflation.

A very Midtown Christmas!

Swanberg’s, via Yelp

If the rain lets up in the middle of the day this weekend, and you need to head out to fill your stockings this holiday season by patronizing some local shops, the nexus of 24th-26th and Jay Street is your best bet. With shops like University Art, Fleet Feet, Dragatomi, Book Collector, Mixed Bag, and Swanberg’s, there’s bound to be something for everybody. The family and I strolled it over the weekend and it’s a fun time even for the little ones.

As a counterpoint to my own post, I’d like to get something off my chest. I do love University Art but I have to say that shopping there the last few years hasn’t been the same experience as it once was. I can’t quite pin it down but something about their offerings for kids is not doing it for me anymore. All the art supplies for kids lean toward the Crayola/Rose Art side of things — stuff you can get for much, much cheaper at Target. There are lots of kitschy/retro toy items but for some reason it seems disjointed. It seems like what originally made it such a great shop was the odd crafty kits for kids and that seems to be lacking from the current product lineup. Has anyone else had this feeling?

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Open thread: Local holiday shopping

I was inspired by Stickie’s post about giftable local eats, so I’m starting an open thread for ideas, tips, rants/raves, reviews on local holiday gift shopping. I know that this is sort of a strange topic since we’re an online blog (as opposed to an offline blog which is just standing on a corner and shouting) but we’re also all about local, and there is a certain charm to picking out gifts in person.

We’re a bit behind on ours this year but we love, University Art, and Gifted Gardener.

“East Sacramento” Target?

Mrs Cool pointed out that the new Target store on 65th at US 50 is labeled the “East Sacramento Target.” As this store is firmly located in Tahoe Park East, I would like to start an Internet campaign to refer to this as “Tahoe Park Target.” (This will start just in time to keep the political fires burning.)

The folks at Target may have been going for a strictly geographical appellation, but what they failed to realize is that so were the folks who named our neighborhoods. Who’s with me? I’d love to give my TP some love, but are there any neighborhood experts who have an even more precise neighborhood designation?