“Rise Guys” leaving for SF with Don G move, new show for Carmichael Dave

I had heard on the Twittersphere that Don Geronimo would moving to mornings, and that Carmichael Dave would now have his own show. But what I didn’t hear is that the reason for the shakeup is that the Rise Guys are leaving town! (sans The Phantom) The article mentions the 12 years Whitey and The Phantom have hosted on KHTK, but I thought they had been around much longer. Help me out, how long has it been really? I’d look it up but their page on CBSSac is gone already and Wikipedia doesn’t have anything. Am I thinking of something else?

I don’t think about them much these days, though they are on my morning commute from time to time. I’m no prude, but I don’t dig on gross “in your face” morning shows or put down comedy, though I do acknowledge that Don G puts together a fun show. I am bummed this morning to see that there will be no more Rise Guys!

UPDATE Thanks to Scupper for helping me pinpoint the Rise Guys history. I don’t know why more people aren’t mentioning this today. They have been on Sac radio for more than 20 years probably! Maybe close to 30?

I vividly remember their “You Can’t Win” trivia contest with super hard questions. Radio is the best.

UPDATE 2 @DonGeronimoShow Tweeted me to confirm he will be leaving Good Day Sac.

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on ““Rise Guys” leaving for SF with Don G move, new show for Carmichael Dave”

  1. I listened for a bit this morning and it appears that Carmichael Dave will work the morning show with Don and also his own show at noon. It’s an adjustment, but I am sure it they will find their groove with the balance of the funny and the sports.


  2. Originally, going back to the late 80s, it was Boomer and the Boys on 93 Rock, with Whitey and Justin Case as the “Boys”. I recall that the Phantom was some relation of Whitey’s, and was somehow tangentially linked to those shows (production staff maybe?).

    When Boomer left, Whitey came on full-time and the they changed to the “Rise Guys”.


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