The devil is in the gay details

Geraldo Rivera , right?

Interesting reporting of this story by KCRA and the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. I know, I know, if we compare KCRA to the SDGLN one more time, but nevertheless, hear me out.


A former porn star was convicted by a jury Wednesday of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon and other violent charges, the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office announced. He was convicted for punching his ex-girlfriend repeatedly and slamming a lid of a toilet tank on her head, the district attorney’s office said. Marc Anthony Donais, also a former model, committed the crime in 2009 after confronting his former girlfriend about his suspicions of cheating, the attorney’s office said.


Gay porn star Ryan Idol, aka Marc Anthony Donais, was convicted of attempted murder on Tuesday by a Sacramento Superior Court jury. Donais, 45, was accused of using a toilet tank lid to batter his ex-girlfriend in the head in an attack at the woman’s home on Sept. 5, 2009. The adult film star, who identifies as bisexual although he performed in gay porn, and the woman had broken up before the incident. During the trial, Donais testified that he thought his ex-girlfriend had a knife when they were in the bathroom, where she was taking a bath. He said he hit the woman in self-defense. Jurors, however, didn’t buy his argument.

Interesting clarification of Mr. Idol’s occupation, huh? At the Sac Rag, we often want to write about topics that may not be directly related to Sacramento, so we force (make up) an association just to “qualify” it for print. Do you think this is what the SDGLN is doing? Or, did KCRA omit this clarification of the type of work Mr. Idol did intentionally because they think their audience would be offended?

Author: RonTopofIt

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3 thoughts on “The devil is in the gay details”

  1. I think it has more to do with relevance to the audience. KCRA doesn’t report what kind of porn he did because it’s not relevant to the crime he committed; they might have reported it differently if he was arguing with his ex about his career. SDGLN, on the other hand, had to explain why they were reporting the story, and then explain why someone in gay porn has an ex-girlfriend.

    What I find more interesting is why KCRA reports the subject of the argument, and why SDGLN reports the defense used.


  2. @Talysman I see your point, but then why mention his occupation at all? “A man was convicted by a jury Wednesday…” should have cut it, right?

    And good call about the subject of the argument thing, that is interesting.


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