Isleton’s tenuous grip on civilization

Isleton, CA’s tenuous grip on civilization

The Sac Bee front page article on Isleton’s problems and the man who’s been hired to clean them up would be hilarious if it was not so sad. Scratch that, it’s just plain hilarious:

“The police force no longer exists, again, and one of its five patrol cars is covered in spider webs behind City Hall because someone put sugar in the gas tank.”

The new city manager’s business cards refer to him as “El Jefe.” His first day on the job he suspended one of the city’s two full-time police officers for accidentally shooting a person while trying to shoot a dog that was attacking somebody else. “The town’s other full-time officer was placed on leave amid allegations he had sex in his patrol car while on duty.”

“In the 1990s, the town was so strapped it settled on a scheme to sell concealed weapons permits to Sacramento County residents to generate cash.”

My favorite paragraph concerns the police headquarters:

“They had a gun safe but the keys were on top of the safe,” Hinrichs said. “Mayberry. Mayberry! They had these explosive things for use in riots – flash bangs – sitting in a cupboard not locked up. The gun case was empty, and they had weapons sitting in cupboards all over the place.”

The whole thing is worth a read. But I shouldn’t make fun as this sounds like a pretty bleak existence.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Isleton’s tenuous grip on civilization”

  1. You’re right, we shouldn’t laugh. And yet, it’s so hard not to at least giggle. A bit.

    It’s really hard not to when the LEAST offensive thing on the list was sex in the patrol car.


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