Pumpkin patch time!

Pumpkin Chunkin $5/3 shots
My photo from the 2005 post

As far as seasonal ledes go on Sac Rag, they don’t get more boilerplate than “We here at The Sac Rag love us a pumpkin patch.” So it’s that time of year to do the thing. Pumpkins, corn mazes, apple pie, the works.

I have reviewed local favorites Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm and Bastiao Farms/Goblin Gardens as well as The Pumpkin Farm out in Citrus Heights and (sort of) Dave’s Pumpkin Patch (in 2005!)

Surprisingly, I have never been to Cool Patch Pumpkins out in Dixon, which boasts a corn maze “Labeled as ‘The Coolest Maze on the Planet'” (not sure by whom) though I hear great things about it.

Any other crowd favorites out there? Any new ones cropped up in the last few years? Anyone still out there, actually?

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin patch time!”

  1. Still here. We walked through Zettle Farms at Greenback and Auburn-Folsom. Nice small neighborhood place that looks like it imports pumpkins from elsewhere. Good collection of old cars, wagons, tractors, buggies etc for kids to examine.

    My kid took a preschool field trip to Daves Monday and had the usual good time. They grow their own pumpkin and lots of maze, bounce and pet opportunities. The pumpkin air cannon wasn’t running, but if they are doing that again this year that is always worthwhile.


    1. Thanks cogmeyer! That sounds like a place to check out, I like a small neighborhood patch. And didn’t mean to put you on blast as the only active commenter!


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