Pumpkin patch time!

Pumpkin Chunkin $5/3 shots
My photo from the 2005 post

As far as seasonal ledes go on Sac Rag, they don’t get more boilerplate than “We here at The Sac Rag love us a pumpkin patch.” So it’s that time of year to do the thing. Pumpkins, corn mazes, apple pie, the works.

I have reviewed local favorites Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm and Bastiao Farms/Goblin Gardens as well as The Pumpkin Farm out in Citrus Heights and (sort of) Dave’s Pumpkin Patch (in 2005!)

Surprisingly, I have never been to Cool Patch Pumpkins out in Dixon, which boasts a corn maze “Labeled as ‘The Coolest Maze on the Planet'” (not sure by whom) though I hear great things about it.

Any other crowd favorites out there? Any new ones cropped up in the last few years? Anyone still out there, actually?

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm

I first took the family out to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm back in 2006, but we had been itching to go back — so we decided to take off in the afternoon on Furlough Friday and head out to Wheatland. Obviously it is quite a trip out there, so you have to be prepared for that. It’s beautiful country in my opinion, though more and more of it is suburbs. Lincoln is insane with the housing.

Bishop’s is still an awesome experience, from the large goat petting zoo to the long train ride around the family’s “pick your own” flower garden and a patch of ginormous pumpkins. This time around we ate on location, dining on grilled hot dogs and some massive saucy tri-tip sandwiches. It’s average food and it won’t break your bank. For treats they have a “make your own shaved ice” hut with more than a dozen flavors and flavor mixes. And of course there are homemade pies.

So if you still have to grab some gourds and you are up for the drive, Bishops is a great time. I have a few photos after the jump…
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