Netflix: Popular in Sacto

I wonder if anything comedic could be gathered from looking at the list of the top 25 movies that are popular in the River City?

  1. Nuns on the Run
  2. Haiku Tunnel
  3. Hollywood Homicide
  4. From Dusk Till Dawn
  5. Winning Strategies: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker with Mike Caro
  6. Tigerland
  7. The King of Comedy
  8. Family Guy: Vol.1: Seasons1-2 (4-Disc Series)
  9. Bright Young Things
  10. Holes
  11. Young Frankenstein
  12. American Me
  13. Herbie Rides Again
  14. Beautiful Girls
  15. Fascination (Heart of Stone)
  16. New York Minute
  17. The Cookout
  18. The Hunting of the President
  19. The Blue Planet: Seas of Life: Open Ocean – The Deep
  20. Northern Exposure: Season1 (4-Disc Series)
  21. Love’s Enduring Promise
  22. Seinfeld: Season4 (4-Disc Series)
  23. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (6-Disc Series)
  24. The Sixth Sense
  25. Inu-Yasha: The Movie2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Let’s actually talk about #1 last. #2, Haiku Tunnel, is a wonderful little film. I am proud to see a few documentaries on the list, but one of them is some sort of poker scam video and that’s just pathetic. Also some great TV on DVD, Seinfeld and Family Guy. Two anime entries is either a lot or way too little. I guess those are two pretty prominent titles. Yes, #16 is the Olsen twins movie (which starred Andy Richter as the badguy) and Sacramentans do indeed see dead people. And now to #1.


Sacto-wood. Hollytomato. La-La-Riviera Land?

How cool!

Hooks and Taylor Entertainment operation is now shooting a horror movie, in the Delta town of Hood, of all places…. Taylor and company have transformed a former pear canning plant into a top-flight sound stage. Sets throughout the building represent a mansion living room, a bedroom, a kitchen.

Granted, the movie sounds pretty errrgh, but I’m still rather inexplicably stoked about this. Part of it probably is that I loves me some Delta, with the mandatory CCR on the radio, criss-crossing the drawbridges and stopping for soda pop at a roadside market. I am not optimistic that Sacto will become the new Hollywood, but am I gonna want to rent this movie more because it’s homegrown than I would if it were just mixed in with the other horror movies at my local Hollywood video? Okay, probably not. But hey, kudos to local artists!

You Go J’Beily!

You heard it here first

Center High School head football coach Digol J’Beily got his job back Friday morning following a month of turmoil at the Antelope school. (Sac Bee)

Let’s all congratulate ourselves on raising enough muck with our one post with one comment, read by about 60 people, that actions were taken! First you get the highschool coaches reinstated, then you get the money, then you get the weeemen.

One last point about this story… As far as I can tell, the only thing that Center High is near the center of is a straight line drawn between Lake Tahoe and Lake Hennessey in Sonoma County. But that doesn’t help anybody.

Land Park Icon Slandered

From Walt Wiley in today’s Bee:

“Cinderella Man,” that boxing movie receiving all the talk now, is not at all kind to Land Park’s own Max Baer, who ends up looking like a dandified thug in the movie….Max Baer Jr., who grew up in Land Park and went on to fame as “Jethro” on television’s “The Beverly Hillbillies,” has been quoted as being irate over his dad’s portrayal in the movie directed by Ron Howard, who was “Opie” on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Ha! Take that, Oscar winner Ron Howard–in Land Park you’re still just Opie. Not even Richie!

I think it’s interesting that in taking on another historical character with Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind, he glossed over the subject’s rabid anti-Semitism. You heard it first on The Sac Rag–Ron Howard is a dirty player and he is gay for Russell Crowe!

Lodi Terrorist Questions

From the Sac Bee (reg required): 3 hearings set amid Lodi terror probe

Another father and son, Umer Hayat, 47, and Hamid Hayat, 22, both U.S. citizens, have been arrested on charges of lying to federal investigators about the son’s alleged activities in an al-Qaida training camp in Pakistan.

First of all, I’m very sorry I ever thought that Martha Stewart got a raw deal for the sole crime of lying to federal investigators. Now I think she needs to be back in the system. Let’s get her in the pokey again, see if she’s ever been to Pakistan.

Second, what kind of plausible lie is there about your activities in an al Qaida training camp? “Yes, I was there, but strictly in craft services. I mean, I was in the room when they were doing the monkey bars and shooting at effigies of the President, but I was heating up a tray of short ribs at the time.”

Drop Your Brain at the Principal’s Desk

Take your best guess. Is the following the work of a) the California State Assembly or b) the Evil Network of Hooded Skeletal Overlords:

Lawmakers voted Thursday to ban school districts from purchasing textbooks longer than 200 pages.

The bill, believed to be the first of its kind nationwide, was hailed by supporters as a way to revolutionize education.

Surprise, that bit of soul-killing genius was brought to us by the good folks at the Assembly right here in California. And thank God, too, because I would never want my daughters to have to read a book as long as The Secret Garden or The Trumpet of the Swan or any of the textbooks I have ever encountered in my entire life.

Good Old Edgy News10

Leave it to the crack reporting team at News10 to follow one of the coolest, craziest nights of TV with a lame “news” piece about one of my least favorite Sacramento “news” topics: the Maloof brothers.

If you happen to live under the docks or were watching American Idol last night, the season finales of Lost and Alias did not kick your ass last night like they did mine (Lost moreso, but the last 15 seconds of Alias were worth watching the entire mostly disappointing season). So how does News10 follow up that ass-whoopin’?

<paraphrase>You’re probably asking yourself, What’s up with the Maloofs, we haven’t heard from them since their team sucked ass again in the playoffs! Well, since they weren’t busting down our door for an interview like most sports franchise owners, we decided to track them down for an interview in…of all places…Las Vegas!</paraphrase>

“This just in: the piling on of ridiculous amounts of wealth from shady enterprises has a local angle!” Ugh. What are we gonna do, not bow at their altar just because the season is over? If Sacramento stops sucking at the greasy, gin-soaked teat of the Maloof Family Cultural Enslavement and Money Gathering Machine, it won’t be soon enough.

Center High Football Scandal

The gossip (well, news) from Antelope is that Center High’s football coach, Digol J’Beily, was fired from his post because of a vendetta from a former parent of a kid passed over for starting quarterback. Who do these trustees of Center High think they are? Did they think they were involved in Texas high school football? It’s Center High. I have lived here for 25 years and I don’t even know where Center High is. (I do, actually, but the point is still good.)

However, I would totally wear a “FREE J’BEILY” shirt. I want one of those.

Illegal Valet Scandal?

The CoolDMZ clan lives in up-and-coming Tahoe Park, and often when traveling from midtown to home we utilize the crazy left-turn-right-turn 39th street thruway that lets out at the Coke bottling plant on Stockton. Last night, while trying to get home for an early dinner, we ran into stopped traffic right at the corner of Folsom and 39th. The source of the slowdown? Valet parking at a private residence on the corner! Outrage! Hatred! Villagers, take up your burning sticks!

Demographic Creepyness

I have just recently discovered PRIZM Neighborhood Types, a real estate concept for identifying neighborhoods by demographics, usually three or four different groups per ZIP code. The idea is snappy name (think “Urban Achievers” and that’s a very low-key designation) and a quick demographic stereotype (that one is “Mid-level, White-collar urban couples”). A quick rundown of some Sacto neighborhoods gives us a quick lesson on our own backyard:

95819 (the closest one to my house):

  • Urban Achievers – Mid-Level, White-Collar Urban Couples – 58.68%
  • Young Literati – Upscale Urban Singles & Couples – 14.09%
  • Money & Brains – Sophisticated Urban Fringe Couples – 10% (What does this mean? Tattoo parlor entrepreneurs? Couples who run their own, ahem, internet photography businesses?)


  • Single City Blues – Multicultural Urban Singles – 65.25% (Does this mean a multicultural population, as in different cultures? Or did they just drive by and see lots of Peter Tosh and Dalai Lama posters and make a pretty safe guess.)
  • Urban Achievers – Mid-Level, White-Collar Urban Couples – 15.57%
  • Bohemian Mix – Bohemian Singles & Couples – 15.39%


  • Money & Brains – Sophisticated Urban Fringe Couples – 33.01%
  • Urban Achievers – Mid-Level, White-Collar Urban Couples – 27.93%
  • Towns & Gowns – College Town Singles – 12.62%
  • Blue Blood Estates – Elite Super-Rich Families – 11.01%

We all knew about the “Elite Super-Rich Families” of Arden Park, but who knew they were being run out of town by the coeds? Watch your back, Elite Super-Rich Families of 95864.

Check out the demographics yourself.