Choosing our lot in life

I think builders have been so eager to make the quick buck in our ever-expanding region that all common sense has flown out the window when designing the parking lots for new shopping centers and medical centers.

The top prize for the worst new parking lot goes to:
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A trend to expand

Yesterday’s Bee had a feature article about how it’s becoming hip to be grammatically correct. I am most pleased, as I’m sure my grammar and spelling cop brethren on the Sac Rag are too.

My wish is that this trend expands to polishing up other realms of everyday life, most notably:

1. People should cover their mouths when they yawn. Unless you’re the MGM lion, I don’t need to see it. Look around for a couple days and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s gross.
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How to pronounce “Goethe”

Our local traffic reporters have endured many beatings here on the Sac Rag, but I’d like to pile on a bit — not for their lack of timely information, but for the varied pronunciations of our region’s roadways. Please give your input on your preferred pronunciation of these streets and locales:

Seamas Avenue: Most reporters say “See-mus,” but the actual pronuciation is “Shay-mus.” Then again, if we all used the proper ethnic pronunciations, people living 300 or so miles to our south would be inhabitants of “Lohs Ahn-heh-lays.”

Goethe Park: For years I thought this was named after the 18th-19th century German poet/dramatist, but then I read a book on local history, and it’s really named after a Gold Rush-era land speculator.
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