Big shows coming to State Fair?

Poppy is ready 2 rock
Sweeping changes are happening at the California State Fair. Cal Expo’s two top managers, Norb Bartosik and Brian May, recently announced their retirements. The Sacramento Bee has taken this opportunity to call on Governor Brown to save the State Fair. The grounds need $50 million for repairs and more for renovations, and the State Fair needs revision and reinvention to create a 21st Century experience for visitors to the California Exposition.

One promising step is the appointment of a major music figure to Cal Expo’s Board of Directors. Sacramento, get ready for big time music acts at The Fair.
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NorCal Rock Races tomorrow

I recently discovered that I enjoy motor racing. The delirious, first high was a trip to the Sacramento Mile. I’m hooked. New to the scene but deeply into our State Parks, I was surprised that Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area SVRA is only a 20 minute drive to Rancho Cordova. Offroad enthusiasts regularly gather here, especially on weekends.

If you want to check them out, tomorrow is a great opportunity. This stop on the NorCal Rock Races tour is the final round of the 2012 championship series, featuring three classes of competitors from amateurs to world class. It is the only private West Coast qualifier for the 2013 King of Hammers, which is known as “the toughest road race on the planet” due to the challenging terrain in Johnson Valley, CA.

Admission is only $15 for a day of racing starting Saturday at 10am.

Armstrong, Getty and the prophet Muhammed

Local radio hosts Armstrong and Getty are embroiled in a controversy about Muhammed, violence, religious tolerance and freedom of speech.

Speaking of freedom, a freedom of speech battle is playing out on your A.M radio dial at Talk 650 KSTE. Popular morning show hosts Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty of The Armstrong & Getty Show were unexpectedly absent from their live show today and replaced by a pre-recorded ‘Best-of’ broadcast.

Local news is reporting that on Monday, the duo risked inflaming the violence resulting from earthly depictions of the prophet Muhammed, including the recent murder of four American diplomatic personnel in Libya . Here is a 45 second clip from the show in question where they are discussing this incident. The controversy is a seemingly off-the-cuff remark by Armstrong that someone should “make an anti-Muhammed ad and post it to Al Jazeera.” Someone (A&G??) states on a new Facebook page that media outlets are repeatedly misrepresenting their words. As this happened today, details are still unfolding.
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Sister Crayon gets Pitchforked

In what is sure to add some weight to those “next big thing” comments about Sacramento’s Sister Crayon, ultimate hipster scene maker-or-breaker Pitchfork is offering the preview track Cynic from their forthcoming EP Other.

If you like Portishead, Mazzy Star, or Sneaker Pimps, (or for you hip kids, CocoRosie, Natasha Khan or Matteah Baim), watch for Other to drop soon and catch them live around town while you still can.

Talkin’ Tomato!

This juice is made in…. Indiana!!?!??
Local tomatoes are at their best in late summer and are currently popping across town in gardens, farms and restaurants. The great thing about a good tomato is that it can practically stand alone. Toss some salt and pepper on it and work it into just about anything.

We aren’t known as “The Big Tomato” simply because the word can sorta be portmanteaued with Sacramento or because they grow so damn well here. We have been at the center of one of the nation’s largest tomato industries for decades.

If you are a fan of the love apple, as it used to be called, tonight’s discussion at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is for you. Local historian William Burg is teaming up with local farmers to present a variety of views on the tomato, from its role in our local history and economy to new developments such as the square (!) tomato. Taste some delicious ones straight off the farm, too.

6:30-8:00 pm