Thursdays at Ruby Tuesday’s

When you take the time to write about food as incessantly as I do, you find yourself in the weighty role of dining adviser to friends and family.  Whether for a small bite with an old friend or a recommendation on where to take the clients from out of town, my opinion is sought.  I’m not trying to say that I’m the cool like Shatner, I’m just saying that with the “sac-eats” moniker comes responsibility.  Most of the time I’m happy to help those I know find the best dining experience within their parameters (i.e.  close to Music Circus and in and out within 30 minutes, or Thai food in W. Sac, or “I’m in the mood for Viking food and I’m stuck in traffic in Placerville.  What do you suggest?”).  However, every now and then someone takes my advice and has a thoroughly rotten time.  I wind up feeling like an asshole for recommending places that don’t live up to the hype and feel guilty about it for days. 

So, this was my mood the other day after recommending “Cervantes“ to my sister and her friends.  The food was bad, the service weak and the drinks lousy.  I felt extremely bad about the whole thing, so I offered to take said sister to the new Ruby Tuesday’s in Folsom.

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Tips For Tipping

The Mrs. and I had a very nice dinner at the new Buckhorn Grill in Midtown recently.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a stripped down version of Buckhorn’s flagship steakhouse in Winters.  Like Pronto and Cafe Bernardo and a few other casual places, they offer sit-down quality food that you have to stand up and order at the counter.  The food was very good, but that’s not what this piece is about.  The issue here is whether or not one should tip at this type of establishment, and if so, how much? Continue reading “Tips For Tipping”

“Boil ‘N Fry Day” Saturday

Just found out about “Boil ‘N Fry Day” this Saturday, sponsored by Sac Rag favorite Dad’s Sandwich Shop and Lite Brite Productions.

This event is a blast with bands, crawfish, hotwings, beer gardens and Hill Billy Games! Last year’s net proceeds benefited a terminally ill child through the local chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

You had me at crawfish. Here are the details on

Sacramento Brewing Company: Two Saturdays, Same Result

It’s that time of year again. No, not spring. No, not your mother’s birthday. No, will you just let me finish for chrissakes? It’s that time of year when Mrs. Eats and I whip out the Entertainment book and start feeling a little guilty that we haven’t used it much in the six months that we’ve had it. It’s the time when you remember how sad you were the previous November when you looked through the dining coupon section of last year’s book and said, “I didn’t know they were in the Entertainment book!”

So, wanting to raise our EQ (Entertainment quality) we opted for two meals with savings written all over them, one dinner last weekend at the Sacramento Brewing Company and one at SBC’s Oasis the week after.

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