Thursdays at Ruby Tuesday’s

When you take the time to write about food as incessantly as I do, you find yourself in the weighty role of dining adviser to friends and family.  Whether for a small bite with an old friend or a recommendation on where to take the clients from out of town, my opinion is sought.  I’m not trying to say that I’m the cool like Shatner, I’m just saying that with the “sac-eats” moniker comes responsibility.  Most of the time I’m happy to help those I know find the best dining experience within their parameters (i.e.  close to Music Circus and in and out within 30 minutes, or Thai food in W. Sac, or “I’m in the mood for Viking food and I’m stuck in traffic in Placerville.  What do you suggest?”).  However, every now and then someone takes my advice and has a thoroughly rotten time.  I wind up feeling like an asshole for recommending places that don’t live up to the hype and feel guilty about it for days. 

So, this was my mood the other day after recommending “Cervantes“ to my sister and her friends.  The food was bad, the service weak and the drinks lousy.  I felt extremely bad about the whole thing, so I offered to take said sister to the new Ruby Tuesday’s in Folsom.

 First let me say this: my sister is a wonderful human being, a great mother, loving wife, good looking person (she got the Eats family good looks) and an awesome sister.  So, I felt really crappy about leading her astray with the Cervantes reco.  I went up to Folsom, where she lives, to make amends and so that we could both try out the new Ruby Tuesday’s. 

If you haven’t been up to Folsom in a while, take my word, it’s still booming. They cannot build restaurants fast enough there to keep up with demand.  And, as Sis readily admits, most of that demand is for family restaurants.  The top chefs in the area are not clambering over each other to open a place on East Bidwell or Prairie City Roads.  On the other hand, you don’t have to look far to find a Red Robin or Woody’s or Mimi’s Cafe. 

So where does Ruby Tuesday’s fall in all of this?  At first, just by looking at the commercials, it looked to me as if it were a TGI Friday’s type establishment minus the Tiffany lamps, but it’s actually quite a nice spot.  The interior takes advantage of a rather modern design (not easy to do when you have a salad bar in the middle of the space), and the presentation of the food follows suit-minimalistic, sharp lines, base colors.  To tell you the truth, it’s rather incongruous to have this slant towards design when the place very clearly labels itself as a burger joint.  But, who am I to judge?  Oh, wait…I’m sac-eats, bitch!  It’s my job to judge.  Let the burger judgment begin.

 Sis and I both opted for burgers, she for the bacon cheeseburger and I for the “triple prime burger,” which is supposedly the finest burger ever conceived by man, the name coming from the three ridiculously prime and exceptional cuts of meat used to make the delicacy, prime rib, prime sirloin, and prime meridian (ok, maybe it wasn’t prime meridian, but it was something exotic, like the “rump meat from a lower prince of the Hapsburg Dynasty” or some such thing).   The burgers were both served on long rectangular plates, with ketchup served in delicate ramekins on the side, invoking more Eames than Heinz.  (anyone? anyone?) 

My sister’s burger was extremely good-juicy, perfectly medium, with really fine quality toppings.  My triple action super orgasmatron wow burger was less than exciting.  I think RT’s bought into that great burger fallacy, “The better the meat, the better the burger,” and paid the price for it.  Nothing will ruin a burger more quickly than the use of fine meats.  When trying to make the perfect burger,  one reaches the point of diminishing returns with quality meats very quickly.  Burgers need grease, fat, and a small modicum of filler in order to taste good.  Grinding up a filet mignon and throwing it on the grill is a perfect waste of a filet and a recipe for a crappy burger.  The triple prime burger was bland, dry and half the size of my sister’s regular burger (and did I mention that mine was also about $4 more in price). 

Final verdict:  Ruby Tuesday’s makes a good burger.  Not the best burger in town, but a good burger.  Go for a regular old hamburger and you won’t be disappointed.  Don’t waste your time or money on the super tremendo-burger.  And, try to avoid weekends and other busy times since, as a new Folsom restaurant, Ruby Tuesday’s is likely to have a wait longer than then Bataan Death March.  And don’t you dare tell me that you didn’t enjoy yourself and only went on my recommendation or I will punch you in the neck.

Ruby Tuesday’s-2720 E. Bidwell Rd, Folsom

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7 thoughts on “Thursdays at Ruby Tuesday’s”

  1. I agree with the boom thingy. I was just up there at a running store on East Bidwell. I think I saw in this one stripmall (It was fancier that that but I am not sure what to call it) 13 places to eat. All the way from a pick-up-sticks to a BBQ joint. It is amazing that houses in the burbs even have full kitchens these days.
    On the burger note I agree. The costco frozen e-coli special when made at home is as good as many of the fancy $6 burgers out there.


  2. Hi Sac-eats,
    Sorry your burger didn’t “taste like steak, and cut like butter”. Sweet cracker sandwich, if I see another one of those Ruby Tuesday ads I might off myself! Glad to hear that they do indeed make a nice burger — if I go I won’t hold you responsible for the outcome.

    I have to agreed on the suckage of Cervantes. When I went a couple weeks ago our server – mid taking our orders mind you – yelled “Holy Shit my bike’s getting a ticket, hang on” and proceeded to run out the door to haggle with the meter maid, leaving his tablet on the table. I guess I would have understood if he hadn’t (45 minutes later) brough all of our food soaked in grease and tasting like chorizo (which you know, I’m all for usually, just not when I order a salad). Blech!

    Cervantes gets the thumbs down from me.


  3. The best burger I’ve had recently was the kobe burger at the Cheesecake Factory. Take a valium and wear some ear plugs…and enjoy the burger!


  4. In the previously mentioned shopping center in Folsom is:
    •Texas West BBQ
    •It’s A Grind
    •Knock off Cold Stone Creamery “Marble Slab” – CS is literally across the street
    •Ruby Tuesday
    •Jack’s Urban Eats – nothing says Urban like middle aged MIWLFs with velour suits fighting for the last piece of Tri Tip for their steak. Been there twice – left pissed twice.
    •Bel Air (they do have basically a restaurant)
    •And finally “La Dip Fondue” (if you want to go local – I have not tried personally, but have heard that it is way better than competing Melting Pot.)

    That being said, I have to say that starting with the TWBBQ in Roseville, and continuing to F-Town, it has lost 0.00% of the charm of the original on Fulton. Plus…they have Air Conditioning.


  5. Oh yeah…I forgot….
    •Random Indian Restaurant
    •Pick Up Stix (get it…like, you know – chop sticks…it’s a play on words.)


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