Earth Day Parade & Seed Demo with GreenBeet

Backyard Farmer GreenBeet teaching kids about seeds.

The sun is shining. The birds are twirping. What a great day for an Earth Day parade! Join me at the Capitol Heights Academy, where K-5th graders,their families and friends will enjoy an event filled with live music, crafts, and green-living tips. This includes a seed demo by yours truly, Backyard Farmer GreenBeet. I’ll be making seed kits for kids to take home and plant. Your kid is going to want one, too!

The event is being hosted by the Leadership class of the Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce. The leadership team adopted the Capitol Heights Academy’s afterschool program as their ongoing community project, calling it the Green Monster project. So far, the kids have learned about recycling, composting, gardening, nutrition, and living a green life. This is my kind of project! I hope you will join us for the fun.

Event details:
What: Green Monsters Earth Day Festival
When: 11am – 1pm TODAY, Saturday, April 17
Where: Capitol Heights Academy, 2520 33rd Ave (just off Broadway behind Immaculate Conception Church)
Who: YOU!

Earth Day Celebration Sunday

Earth Day is officially April 22. But here in Sac, we like to do things ahead of the trends. That’s why we’re celebrating Earth Day this Sunday, April 11th at Southside Park from 12:00 to 5:00 PM, conveniently located across the street from the Downtown Farmers’ Market, so you can plan for a very earth-friendly day.

Earth Day festivities include music, cuisine, and one of my favorites: a capoeira performance!  If you aren’t familiar with capoeira, it’s a high-energy form of Brazilian dance that mixes in martial arts technique. Trust me–it’s super cool! Sacramento’s popular capoeira studio Agua de Beber will be performing. They begin at 1:00 PM with a big batucada parade followed by the capoeira demonstration.

You’ll also find a host of vendors sharing information about how to make your life a little greener and healthier. Come on out for a little peace, love, and earth-hugging. It’ll put a smile on your face.

Happy Earth Day, Sacramento

Earth Day is a birthday. On April 22, 1970, twenty million Americans joined together to promote a healthy, sustainable environment and gave birth to the modern environmental movement. Today, we celebrate activism, community development, and altruism. We celebrate a growing empowerment among people who believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes a healthy environment and that habitat preservation includes every one of us. tree-hugger1

At age 39, environmentalism is gaining general acceptance. We drive hybrid cars and leave carbon footprints. As more people learn of the universal importance of healthy living, they see beyond the “environmentalism” stereotype of hemp granola munching hippies versus the corporate suits. Today, the suits are eating hemp granola to control their cholesterol and the hippies run companies driven by sustainability, green energy and corporate responsibility. Groundbreaking laws, such as the California’s Global Warming Solutions Act and Senator Steinberg’s Sustainable Communities Strategy may steer a 21st Century California toward a healthier future in a cost-effective manner. On the federal level, the new administration is working to reverse eight years of practices that were disastrous to clean environments and healthy habitat.

Come celebrate with your community. Sacramento Earth Day 2009 will be at Southside Park this Sunday from 11-6. Walk, bike or take public transit. More than 100 vendors and booths will educate you on amazing new technologies and ways you can save money and make your life greener. Delicious, healthy food will be widely available with music, entertainment and fun all day, including classic rock jam band Deadlocke and reggae grooves from Zion Roots.

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