Vacationing on the cheap

A little Ford’s Real Hamburgers shout out on Friday (actually, she credits, which is a great site, btw…Hello, Marie’s Do-Nut Shop!) on Fox 40 Morning News when Paul Robins interviewed Amy from “On the go with Amy,” a mother of two who blogs about vacationing on $150 – $200 a day. She offers up some great ideas on making it work including finding activities that are free or inexpensive (walking across the Sundial Bridge in Redding, visiting the Oregon Vortex where balls roll uphill, and strolling through the zoo in Portland). This trip takes them from San Francisco to Seattle.

I discovered a little travel trick of my own recently. When renting a car, try agencies located outside of the airport. If you’re traveling light enough, the cab or shuttle fare is well worth the hassle. I was able to cut $150 off the same reservation at an agency 5 miles from the airport (the same agency, mind you). Fewer taxes, too.

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Vote for the Worst!

Fox 40 reported this weekend on the Web site Vote for the Worst, which is arguably the #1 fan site there is for American Idol. Since 2004, Sacramento resident Sean Fromer has run this site which aims to embrace those deliciously bad contestants and keep them on the show as long as possible. For big AI fans, this is the place to go for the snarkiest commentary and breaking AI news.

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Two unlikely heroes

Okay, yes, blogging. Here we go. A couple of items in today’s Bee today that caught my eye (does anybody else love Fred Armisen’s “political comedian” character on SNL?)… First is Jeannette Barrett of Placerville, who is highlighted in a piece about public assistance and social services for people caring for children of relatives. In Barrett’s case, she is living in the house she planned to be her retirement castle with 5 great-nieces and nephews (I have always wondered why there is not a word like “sibling” or “spouse” to refer to nieces and nephews).

“I’m having the time of my life,” she said. “It’s filled my life.”

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