Ganglians at Daytrotter Studios

Local band Ganglians have a session up today on, one of my favorite sources for discovering new bands. The sessions on Daytrotter come with cool artwork (which shows up on your i-Whatever) and a spacey/poetic writeup.

The Ganglians, who rocked last year’s SXSW, have an intriguing and unique garage pop sound. The heavily reverbed vocals and hard, sometimes darker, psychedelic sounds will kick your ears’ ass. The ass of your ears. “Hair,” which I wrote about previously, is an amazing track from their self-titled debut, which is available for purchase…somehow…from Woodsist.

Ganglians: Heads Spinning Into Loops on

“The Adventures Of The Ganglians And Pete”

Heckasac has a video of Sacramento psych/noise pop band Ganglians playing their song “Hair” on the immortal show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” That’s not exactly what’s happening — the video is a mashup of the Ganglians song dubbed over the original track by members of the band Polaris, who did most of the music for the show. (But if you have never seen the members of the band Ganglians, like me, it would have taken you 20 minutes, like me, to figure out what was going on. Good thing I was Ace Blogger on this one and not my usual Post Now Google Shit Later Hack.)

However, the Ganglians song could be from 1994 — it has a sort of California garage mid-90s vibe. It reminds me of Further, an LA band from that era. The Ganglians tune is probably not for everybody, but I dig it a lot.

Beckler claims to be “too old to have watched Pete and Pete” but you’re never too old to enjoy that show. I don’t think I’m younger than Ms. Heckasac, but also I don’t actually think of “Pete and Pete” as something of my past. It seems like one of those things that you’ve either never heard of, or you love it so much you don’t go a week without thinking about it. Right? Right? Anyone?