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Kudos to Sac Rag reader Mariellen for finding a nice controversial spin to the spraying story. Together we can get to the bottom of this! We can make the powers that be bend an ear to the little guy because the little guy has the power of 10 bloggers and a handful of readers on his side! Either that, or together we’ll just wait patiently in front of the TV until the spraying is over and then forget about it when football season starts.

Not to pile on, but, ok, to pile on

The Sac Rag is increasingly more alarmed with this WNV (yes, you know you are in deep doo doo when the acronym is thrown around) issue. For example, this excerpt from an article on News10.net:

    This morning vector control district officials said they believe they have killed off 40 to 50 percent of the overall mosquito population in the sprayed area and called on residents to eliminate standing water where mosquitoes thrive. “After these applications, it’s not going to do us any good if people aren’t managing their water supplies — if they have unmaintained swimming pools, if they over-water their lawns — because we will see a recruitment of the adult mosquito population,” vector control district manager Dave Brown said.

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The Spraying Continues

RonTopofIt turned me on to this map of the spraying area which uses the super cool Google Maps API. (I’m planning to implement that here at SacRag just as soon as I understand how to do that).

Anyway this whole thing is just getting out of control (hence the new category designation). Where was the public notification that there was even an epidemic? I’m sorry, but if there is a super deadly disease spreading through town I don’t want to have to tune in at just the right segment on News 10 to hear it from county health person Glenna Trochet. I want Arnold to freakin break into the news to tell me.

Also, “pyrethrin cancer” on Google yields 6300 results. (Pyrethrin being the mosquito killing pesticide being used.) But not to worry: “chocolate cancer” yields about 1.4 million!

Cropdusting. Literally.

Wait. It seems that SacRag would be in severe neglect if we all forgot to discuss the fact that our whole town is going to be cropdusted today and tomorrow by the Vector Control Department (I’m not sure what that is but it sounds like a department that only sees action when cropdusting neighborhoods is called for). Apparently this will save us all from West Nile Virus. I’m getting the sense it’s kind of a big deal considering a) they’re coating us in poison; b) Good Day Sacramento said we shouldn’t run our AC tonight and we’re supposed to wash down all outside furniture and keep our pets inside; c) it’s being done by this mysterious “Vector Control.” On one hand I’m not quite motivated enough to do even the minimal research that would be required for a remotely well-formed opinion. On the other hand, I’m thinking maybe the joy of blogging is that you can spout off opinions with or without any substantiation for them. Sooo… I guess I’m not liking the cropdusting. Counterpoint?