About the crowds at County’s free flu shot clinic…

What do you all make of the massive crowds at yesterday’s free Sac County H1N1 flu vaccine clinic? On the one hand, even though there have been reports of people trying to cut in line (you stay classy!) and of folks who are not “high risk” being given the vaccines anyway, it seems to have been a pretty civil affair. On the other hand, thousands of people lined up in the cold to get vaccines from the government isn’t exactly a heartwarming sight. What do you all think?

Grossest news quote of the week

From the Bee’s portrait Monday of San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano:

When the Assembly was locked into all-night budget talks last winter, Ammiano broke the tension while joining colleagues for a brief nap in the lounge.

“He said he hadn’t slept with that many people since the ’70s,” recalled Assemblyman John Perez, D-Los Angeles.

Life sure was different before AIDS. To quote Abed: Hence AIDS.

Swine Flu in Sacramento County

{NOTE – This story contains out-of-date info about the number of cases in our area. For updated Sacramento-specific information, see the County’s DPH website.}

The first case of Swine Flu has been confirmed in the Sacramento area, so get ready for the en-sooey-ing panic.


To avoid unnecessary panic and worry, it is important to understand the facts behind the 2009 Swine bug. The strain(s) of the virus that have been popping up in the United States appears to be a milder version of the more lethal strains that have been found in other countries. Only one patient has required hospitalization, an elderly woman. Everyone else has gotten a nasty flu and recovered. This is the only the 8th case in California and the 40th in the US, so the chances of getting it appear to be quite slim. (Update: 3 positive cases in Fair Oaks, making a total of 10 CA cases as of 4/28)

This is not a deadly superbug. Let’s hope it stays that way.

It is also not spread by eating pigs. Please maintain your normal bacon consumption level.

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We need a proposition for this one

News10.net reports that an all-women facility of the California Family Fitness chain of gymnasiums will be forced to open its doors to men due to threat of litigation.

California Family Fitness operates 14 other gyms for both men and women, but kept its Howe Avenue location single-sex because it grew out of a nearby women’s health club known as Living Well Lady purchased by the company in 1997.

The company said it has also modified seven other locations that had separate workout areas for men and women.

I tell you what, these are wacky times we live in. Curves anyone?

Vote & Vax comes to Sacramento (maybe)

The national Vote & Vax campaign will be offering up flu vaccinations at two Sacramento locations on Tuesday, November 4th. These are sponsored by the Sacramento County Immunization Program.

Sounds all well and good, right? Sure, unless you want more information or some details…

Update: The Sacramento Bee reports that the second clinic (Capital Christian Center) is being sponsored by the “local NBC affiliate” and that the charge there is $30 (it’s $10 at the Rancho Cordova City Hall location). Still not showing up on the Vote & Vax site.

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“I left my heart in the old CompUSA building”

Has anyone checked out Bodies: Revealed over on Alta Arden?

I saw this exhibit earlier this year in a different city, and it’s a must for anyone in the medical field (or for those of us who feel we’ve missed our calling.  Any other fans of the Mutter Museum at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia out there?)

The bodies are presented respectfully, and they give a close-up view of muscles, nerves, organs, bones, the circulatory system, what certain diseases look like, and a multitude of other fascinating facets of anatomy.  It’s amazing how well engineered we are. I was with a fellow runner, so she and I were pointing out the different things that have ailed us over the years, most notably the piriformis muscle, patellar tendon, and iliotibial band.

The Sacramento exhibit is just one of many exhibitions of actual cadavers that have been preserved and dissected — all bodies used were donated to science.  Check it out, 10am-10pm daily, through March 2008.

Group discounts are available, so here’s a chance for sacrag meet-up, and we can truly see that we’re really all the same inside.