We’re #1!

The good people of Sacramento have demonstrated their..err.. exquisite taste and sophistication (?!) by selecting the SacRag as Best Local Blog in the News and Review’s annual Best of Issue, tying with Heckasac and decidedly kicking the shit out of the extremely weak Mark Williams Radio Show Blog.

Congrats to our writers and thanks to all our readers, fans and detractors!

Arena deal a pack of lies?

Marcus Bretón thinks it is. It seems like the Bee might be bowing to public pressure and trying to tell a less one-sided tale about the arena deal. However, for all Bretón’s throwing around of the “L” word, it’s not really clear what lies he believes are being told. Has anyone on the negotiation table ever said they don’t care if the arena deal goes through? Bretón sees the fact that the NBA is now sending their lawyer, Harvey Benjamin, to the negotiation table as a sign that the NBA “badly wants Sacramento and the Kings to cut an arena deal.” I say, that’s not big news–I don’t think the NBA has ever put out a vibe to the contrary.
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The party’s over, and I’m already late

This town moves pretty fast… local sports enthusiast Heckasac beat me to the punch on…Sunday’s Sacbee end-of-season report cards on the Kings (what was in the blogwater Monday morning, Sacto?). Sam Amick’s grading system seems horribly skewed toward performance in the playoffs, ignoring the 82 games that got the team there. For example, Wells… didn’t he miss, like 30 games? Miller gets a C, and Bibby gets a B? I just have to ask, what’s up with that, Sacramento?

I’ll bet you $20 you didn’t know

That March 6th – 12th is California Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

That’s right, according to the Office of Problem Gambling:

For most people, gambling is recreational. However, for some people, gambling leads to debilitating problems resulting in harm. Problem gambler means participation in any form of gambling to the extent that it creates a negative consequence to the gambler, the gambler’s family, place of employment, or community.

This reminds me of my favorite gambling joke.

Why did the problem gambler quit Gambler’s Anonymous? It was full of losers.

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