Tuesday blog roundup

An interesting comment thread about the Bee’s story about health violations at Asian restaurants and the related Bee database on food violations on this Heckasac post Monday about peach pie.

A great post about the Google Street View, including some counterpoint to Scooter’s comments here, on Zokuga, which is a new-since-2008 blog that I think is going to become daily reading for me. Since knowing what I read daily matters to so many people.

Midtown featured in AAA mag

midtown vanishing pointHeckasac beat me to posting about the article in Via magazine about midtown. The Via article is here. I think it is interesting that one main focus of the article is on Sacto as a “walking town” and for using the phrase “ground-beef triangle” to refer to the as-yet unlabeled area bordered by Ford’s, Willie’s, and Suzie’s. I normally recuse myself from burger discussions, I guess because I am too much of a fan to be objective. I likes em all. Does it have meat between buns? Give it over.

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Simply the best!

David Brent…better than all the rest, as they say. Specifically this here web log, which once again won the News & Review’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Local Blog. MarkTalk.com and Heckasac round out the top three. For those of you playing along at home those are the top three finishers from last year’s voting.

We couldn’t have done it without you readers, of whom at least 7 or 8 must have voted for us. As we’ve said time and again we have a ton of fun doing this and most of that fun is caused by the reactions we get. We’re hoping you’ll stay with us in the coming year.

And we’ll try not to be offended by Heckasac’s obvious ploy to steal our thunder regarding the impending award by announcing again last week that she is quitting again. (We kid the beckler of course.)

Also congrats to my father who repeats as Best Local Doctor. DMZs FTW!!!

UPDATE @ 2:00PM: Because I didn’t think to look in the Luxuries & Necessities category, I failed to notice that we also were voted #3 in the Best local Web site category. Fabulous. Thanks to sac-eats for pointing it out.

Blog roundup – 3/29/07

Heckasac wonders whether SacPD is doing enough to stop drunk driving in midtown, though I think she probably unfairly places blame on suburbanites. Of course it’s general, it’s a generalization.

Nick from FFT started a River Cats blog with his brother. Which makes me think two things: My brother and I should totally start a blog, and I am stoked for the A’s-Cats game tonight! Photos tomorrow for sure, and hopefully, hopefully, one of me mugging with Mike Piazza.

Ziller wants Hibbert in purple.

Make sure to register for Midtown Grid’s Free Lunch Fridays.

Decision 2006 #2

Well here we are, Sacramento, it’s time to get out the vote. Beckler has an entertaining post on Heckasac conjuring Aileen Voisin’s penchant for straw men and the helpful services they provide. If anyone has any enjoyable polling place stories or witnesses anything out of the ordinary (people eating $6000 combo meals outside your polling place, for example) make sure to post them here.

More local nostalgia on KVIE

Via Heckasac, a heads’ up from musician/producer J Greenberg:

Wednesday at 7pm, KVIE will air a program that I produced, and that I’m very proud of. If you have an interest in Sacramento History– particularly the strange stuff that doesn’t make it into the history books — then I hope you’ll tune in to Channel 6 for HIDDEN HISTORY…

In this program, hosted by comedian Jack Gallagher, we visit sites like the Old City Cemetery and the Sacramento Archives to unearth strange tales of Sacramento history. Things like…an airship hovering over the Capitol dome seven years before the Wright Brothers made their famous flight. Or an amateur filmmakers’ club that saved the American River Parkway…

Sounds fun!