Fairfield teenager attacks raccoon with sword

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I suppose you would have us
exhaust all diplomatic options first?

Creative Commons License photo credit: smysnbrg

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Marquel Dawson, the Fairfield teenager who attacked a mountain lion with a samurai sword (Video clip) to protect the family dog. Or at least he thought it was a mountain lion: Fish and Game officials now believe the animal was actually a raccoon.

You may chuckle, and I’m sure that Dawson’s rep has taken a hit back home. He’s probably lucky he’s not in high school anymore. But I would like to point out that when Dawson armed himself with a sword he thought he was attacking a mountain lion. He thought, “Should I attack a mountain lion? Yes, this is a great idea, this cannot possibly be a bad idea.” The guy held a samurai sword over his head and swung it at what he thought was a mountain lion.

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Ben Underwood, RIP

On this very historic day there is sad news out of Elk Grove, as the Bee reports that the Ben Underwood lost his battle with cancer yesterday. This was the young man who, after losing his eyes to cancer as a boy, taught himself echolocation — basically he could navigate the world by emitting sound waves. If you haven’t heard of this story it was the most amazing thing you’ll ever see. This is really tough news and I wish his family the best.