You said “Gentle”

I am happy to say that while I get older and grayer and worry more and more about retirement and kids driving too fast down my street, I can still giggle when I see something like this…

Gentle Massage is open late.
Gentle Massage is open late.

My Butthead reaction was supported by this page I found while researching this particular parlor.

Let us indulge you with the elements of relaxation…Free table shower every visit!!

Uh, huh, uh, table shower? I’m getting, like, old and stuff.

Sacramento Bee Online. Really?

Have you been to lately? Good grief has it become an advertising battleground. Do you remember that scene in Airplane! when Rex Kramer is trying to walk through the airport and has to fight off one activist after the other? That’s what browsing is like for me right now. The last straw was the “your free content will start in….” lightbox pop-up that you can’t close.

I get it, times is tough all over and you have to keep the lights on, but really? Really?

SFist gets it

Girls drinking a Pina Colada

Sac Rag contemporary,, made me chuckle today with this post (and photo) about the tanker truck that spilled 7,000 gallons of coconut oil last night in Sacramento.

Actually, I think I enjoyed the first comment more

After getting caught in the rain, Sacramento residents braced for the eventual overturned semi-trucks bringing health food and champagne to the populace that loves making love at midnight.

Stickie, is that you?