Mayoral race totally copies Simpsons

KJ over HakeemFrom a recent Kevin Johnson for Mayor campaign email, listing the recent activities of the campaign:

3. Thought you knew everything there was to know about “The Dunk”, Kevin’s infamous thunder-dunk on NBA Hall-of-Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon — one of the most famous NBA clips of all time? Think again, and check out an amazing video where Kevin tells — in his own words — how it really went down…see the “Recent Videos” section at our homepage, or email this link ( to your friends.

As always, from The Simpsons, “Brother’s Little Helper“:

Bart: But why, Mr McGwire?
Mark McGwire: Do you want to know the terrifying truth? Or do you want to see me sock a few dingers!
Everyone: Dingers! Dingers!
(Mark McGwire socks a dinger, and as everyone looks at the dinger, he takes the info from the satellite.)
Mark McGwire: Yoink.

Do you want a mayor who talks boring tax stuff? Or do you want a mayor who can dunk over Hakeem freakin Olajuwon??!! You decide, Sacramento…

More fuel for the KJ for mayor fire

Newish Natomas-based “The Buzz” found the Bee’s report today that a representative of Kevin Johnson has “pulled papers” for entering the upcoming election for mayor. KJ still has a few weeks to officially enter the race, or should I say to actually create a race, as otherwise Fargo would run unopposed, I believe.

KJ for mayor??

the famous dunkThe News & Review’s Cosmo Garvin is reporting that Kevin Johnson is rumored to be considering a run for mayor and could announce his candidacy as early as tomorrow (I think; SNR says “Friday, January 24”). Garvin of course brings up the Bee’s report last fall about citations at KJ’s Oak Park properties. I wonder how Mayor Fargo will deal with that.

P.S. Thanks to FFT for posting it