J Street Sidewalk Pizza gone

UPDATE: 7:12 pm – My wife informs me that I misinterpreted her IM earlier, and that the change is official at the location formerly known as Sidewalk Pizza. It’s a taqueria. Sniff. Mmmm, tacos…

I had recently seen what I assumed was a facelift in process at Sidewalk Pizza on Jay street. My wife passed by the spot earlier today and reports that actually what’s going on is that the location is changing over to a Mexican restaurant. Pizza is one of those things — like burgers — that one person can be in love with, and the next guy absolutely hates. Sidewalk on Jay was one of my absolute favorite pies. I’m sad to see it go.

Interesting discussion about this at Yelp… speculation that it was going to be part of the La Fiesta/La Favorita enterprise, accusations of blindsiding the staff. It never seemed like business was very good at Sidewalk but it always seemed like a good location for eats. Plus as my wife just pointed out, it’s hard to complain about another Mexican joint.

Your Local Foodie Roundtable

As a show of online unity heretofore unknown in the world of
Sacramento food writers, we present you with a roundup of opinions from some of the best and most dedicated foodies in the
Sacramento region. Seven of the most influential food enthusiasts in the area were asked for their opinions in a short poll about some of their favorite restaurants, dishes and local ingredients. Their answers may shock you (unless of course you are already devoted fans of their work, in which case their answers will seem mildly redundant to you, but hey, if you’re a fan, than be a fan all the way and drop the attitude.) The participants in this poll were Melly Elliot, moderator of the Sacramento Food Forums, www.sacramentofoodgroup.org; Garrett McCord, writer of Vanilla Garlic, www.vanillagarlic.blogspot.com; Ann Martin Rolke, writer for Sacatomato.com, www.sacatomato.com, and writer of Hands Off Cooking, available at www.handsoffcooking.com; Jennifer Cliff, writer of Sacatomato.com and publisher of “Edible Sacramento,” http://www.ediblesacramento.com; Paul Somerhausen, founder of the Sacramento Epicureans dining group, www.sacramento-epicureans.com; Kristy DeVaney, writer of Cakegirl’s Cakery, www.cakegrrl.com; and Greg Sabin, food writer for the Sac Rag, www.sacrag.com, under the name “sac-eats.”

Here is the poll:

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Here’s your Chai, now quit your whining

When Hubby and I finished up our grubbin’ lunch at the Folsom branch of La Fiesta on Sunday, we noticed a business in the same strip mall that was called “Tea and Sympathy.” Wait..what? SYMPATHY? Did I read that correctly?

“Yes, I’d like an iced Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical, and my diabetic hamster who needs insulin shots just ran away.”

“That will be $3.40, and I’m sorry.”
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La Fiesta stunts your growth

Still restoring the caloric depletion from last weekend’s training, when I found myself starving in Midtown, I heeded the numerous recommendations of fellow ‘raggers and headed to La Fiesta.

I was impressed with the efficient line and process flow, as a young lady took orders prior to our paying while her coworkers (all in matching futbol jerseys) rung up orders, prepared the food, and served up meals in a matter of seconds.

La Fiesta prices their specials so when tax is added in, it’s a flat dollar amount — in my case, $7 for two soft tacos and a beverage — thereby expediting the lunch process that much more. The Type-A process-driven side of me was most pleased.
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What are you, yellow?

Sacramento County has adopted a variation of the restaurant rating system used in Southern California. Rather than assigning a letter grade to each restaurant, either a red, yellow, or green card will be handed out for display.

Some officials had concerns that while customers will understand the green and red cards, yellow may be too vague and that not enough information will be available about the restaurant’s health issues.

You think? I’m all for inspections and government involvement in the food service industry, but I have to side with the restaurant owners on this one. Doesn’t it seem that a yellow card could falsely label a place unsafe? Currently we have the option to view all the infractions a restaurant received during their inspection and make our own conclusions before deciding to purchase food.

While the restaurant association has said that it is not opposed to the new rating system, I have to wonder as a customer what sort of impact this will have on our city. Sac-eats, will you not try a yellow carded Fish & Chips dive? SinghCity, what if our beloved La Fiesta has a tarjeta amarilla hung on its door?

In defense of exit exams

I have a policy that I don’t lose my patience with people that serve me. Whether at the grocery store, a fast food joint, or even my dear La Fiesta, I understand that most jobs in the world suck. This afternoon, however, my patience was tested.

I phoned in a “to go” order to the Chili’s on Howe Avenue (’bout Arden, in the news by the way) this afternoon on my home from work. I arrived a bit early so I stood and people watched for the better part of 10 minutes. A nice, young girl came up to me and asked if I was waiting for my order. I nodded my head and she informed me it would be about 5 more minutes. No big. So then proceeded to ring up my order. “$21.83, please” she said.
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Life reflects snark at the immigration walk-out

Yesterday, RonTopofIt and I joked that an alternate “evil” version of The Sac Rag might lament the fact that the Rag’s favorite taqueria, La Fiesta, would be closed in deference to the massive protest/walk-out. Well, if any of you enjoyed yourselves some “24” last night and stuck around for the Fox 40 newscast, you may have caught Joe Orlando’s reporting on the day’s events, which included as a jokey closing remark that the protests had hit too close to home because his own favorite taqueria, La Favorita was closed for the day. 😦

On a side note, CoolDMZ would like to give a big thumbs up to El Novillero on Franklin Blvd for making their own way in the world. Owner Jose Davalos decided to stay open yesterday against the wishes of nameless thugs who tried to intimidate his staff over the phone:

“The callers were trying to intimidate us into closing. When my son and other employees said that yes, we would be open, the callers said that was bad.”

El Novillero’s employees, most of Mexican descent, didn’t want Monday off, Davalos said.

“They wanted to work,” he said. “That’s why they came to this country.”