Band Tesla ft. Nick Toma

So what’s up with Band Tesla threatening to cancel their appearance at the Kings rally because of Don Geronimo? and Where is Nick Toma from Good Day Sacramento?

Don said he was broadcasting his show live from the Kings rally at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento when local band Tesla, who was scheduled to perform at the rally, was on stage getting ready. Don, who’s known for his crude and often biting humor, saw the band from across the park and commented on air that Brian Wheat, Tesla’s bassist, who has long hair and was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, looked like Garth from Wayne’s World.

How crude…and biting.

And now Nick Toma goes missing and has two, count them two, Facebook pages created in his honor?

i asked this on their page and they deleted it. there is something going on. they said he was on vacation and then off and then he was just gone. with a generic post as to “he is no longer with the company and is pursuing other options” yada yada yada i have not watched their show since that day…

I say Don is behind this what with his new three-year deal at KHTK and job as program director and all, not to mention his addition to the Good Day Sacramento lineup.

Next thing you know, Don will be opening restaurants with Mark S. Allen.