Yo mamma walks into a bar

News10.com reports that a local elementary school principal has banned the telling of “yo mamma” jokes on campus.

We see good kids just sitting there going back and forth with each other and I’m like what are you doing? Oh, we saw it on TV and were just doing ‘Yo Momma’ jokes, don’t worry about it.

And he was like, “what are you doing?” and they were like, “nothing, just telling jokes” and he was like “oh, no you’re not” and they were like…

When the kids get in trouble, when the kids get in fights and the cyber-bullying starts and they tell me specifically that they were doing ‘yo momma’ jokes, then yes it changes their behavior…

Cyber-bullying? At any rate, I’m not sure what to think of this. Will a ban on certain types of jokes really control behavior? I can just see this spawning a new line of jokes whereby the kids find a loophole in the rules and get there digs in. Maybe something like “Yo Daddy” or “Yo Cousin”.

Yo cousin so stupid it takes her two hours to watch 60 minutes

Doesn’t quite have the ring to it, I know, but stick with it kids, it’ll catch on.

This reminds me…I’ve been meaning to bring back, “that’s what she said”. Who is with me?

If you grew up here, you’ll know

I was bummed today to read this article about the land that used to house the Oakwood Lake Resort in Manteca (aka Manteca Waterslides).  As mentioned on this here web log several times over the years, it’s somehow more painful to know the details of its future. I know many of us spent our summer days trying to swap out our colored mats without getting caught. And for those moments of childhood bliss, I say farewell!

Maybe they’ll build a commemorative slide on one of those artificial lakes…

Only in Sacramento…

Last week two very incredible things happened to me, and they both I think have everything to do with life here in Sacto. First of all, we found out that one of my daughter’s preschool classmates lives in the house I grew up in. Her parents actually bought it from my parents about 4 years ago, and now she is one of 24 or so kids in my daughter’s class.

The second one is I think even weirder. Continue reading “Only in Sacramento…”